Hi There, My Name is Del-Ida, Welcome Home



Oh, here he goes again dragging me in with catchy titles that have nothing to do with the story. Hah not this time. So who, or what, is Del-Ida? Well if you are going to call yourself a local you will have to familiarize yourself with this beloved historical districts just north of downtown. Originally platted in 1923, Del-Ida Park Historical District runs from NE 4th Street to George Bush Boulevard and is cradled between Swinton Avenue and the train tracks.

Wait a minute, I think I have seen a sign with that name on it. Now you get it! Placed there by the city in 2009, it serves to offer a summary of the area’s history and rests on NE 2nd Ave approximately seven blocks north of Atlantic Avenue, just before you get to the light. The historic district itself compromises 58 acres, with approximately 150 structures. Roughly one-third of these homes still maintain the original Mediterranean Revival Style introduced to the area by one of our first general contractors, Frederick Henry Link. Here’s a little local trivia. Mr. Links’ daughter, Catherine Link Strong, went on to become Delray’s first woman mayor in 1954.

What I find really interesting is that even though Del-Ida Park is considered a “planned development’ there are many odd shaped lots with varying street frontages caused by the diagonal running side streets. Definitely not your typical cookie-cutter neighborhood. Ok, you sold me – how do I live in Del- Ida? Well, you better move quick. Currently there are only two homes available in the area according to the local MLS. Both homes were built in the early 1960’s and are right around the 2,300 per square foot range. One of the homes resides on famed Swinton Avenue and has an asking price of $499,000, placing it just above $230 per square foot and features a large yard, pool, and inviting circular driveway. The other is in the dual-zoned area (you can live or work here) on 3rd and has an asking price of $399,900 which is just shy of $170 per square foot. Both homes have maintained their gorgeous historical exterior appearance while being meticulously updated inside. Delray Beach bringing history, music, art and the beaches all together. No wonder its America’s “most fun small town”.