Holistic talent agent promotes healthy lifestyles with trio of Delray events


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer

The former co-owner of JuiceBuzz MRKT + JUICERY Jessica Pfeffer recently started a new business, a holistic talent agency called Real Connections SoFla.

So what’s a holistic talent agency, exactly?

“I’m like Jerry Maguire but for people trying to raise consciousness and awareness,” Pfeffer said.

She’s already managing 20 talents across South Florida including yoga teachers, artists, musicians, chefs and health coaches.

Pfeffer books these holistic talents at special events including business grand openings, health fairs, festivals, book launches, even birthdays or other types of celebrations and just about anything related to a holistic or healthy lifestyle.

“As long as it’s in the health world, I have a team ready for you,” Pfeffer said.

There’s three parts of Real Connections SoFla – the first part is the holistic talent agency, people Pfeffer represents.

“I elevate these talented people,” she said. “They’re creative but maybe don’t like to spend time posting on social media or don’t want to deal with contracts (or bookings). So, I help elevate these creative and talented people so the community knows about them – that’s my main focus.”

The second component is the day retreats, something very familiar in California’s holistic scene.

“Not everyone can go away (on a retreat) for a week on a trip but you can go away for one day and still benefit. You can shut off your phone, clear your brain while outside on a rooftop (at these mini-retreats). It’s about getting away and taking time for you,” Pfeffer said.

One of those day mini-retreats is taking place from 8:30-11:30 a.m. on Feb. 13, at Aloft Delray Beach, 202 SE Fifth Ave., in the rooftop pool area. This mini-retreat focuses on food with a “Bye-Bye Sugar” Workshop, Yoga and Meditation. Cost is $50.

“It’s really great for couples as this has a love theme and in such a perfect spot (Aloft),” Pfeffer said.

The third segment of Pfeffer’s agency is event planning. Pfeffer was hired as a holistic event planner to present the Phireon Fest from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Feb. 22, at Casa Mannabliss, 1405 N. Federal Highway, Delray Beach.

Phireon Fest is described as: An interactive celebration and visionary demonstration of the practical solutions available to us as the people of the world to take control of our collective and individual destinies to awaken and steer the planet in the direction we want to see the world go, one of balance, health, prosperity and wellness. Festivities include appetizers, drinks, and a silent auction. Cost is $22 and proceeds benefit Outdoor Youth Adventures, an organization focused on taking underprivileged kids on outdoor adventure trips.

On Feb. 23, from 4-7 p.m. at Aloft Delray Beach, Real Connections SoFla holistic patrons can join holistic health teachers – Pfeffer, Danita Sajous, Prema Posner and Whitney Berra for “Awaken Your Magic: An Empowerment Mini-Retreat for Women” featuring yoga and singing (sound) bowls. Cost is $60.

“It’s all about women empowerment. In this three-hour experience, your teachers will share practical tools that you can use daily to overcome any and all obstacles on your path to inner and outer awakening,” Pfeffer said.

She describes Real Connections SoFla as a web of people that are like-minded helping each other to expand and grow. People do day-retreats. Though, it’s hard to find many which provide as much health bang for the buck as Pfeffer’s mini-retreats at Aloft Delray. As for anyone creating a holistic talent agency, she may be the first, a health pioneer, dabbling in this field.

“At JuiceBuzz I met so many talented people serving others with a goal, talent or gift to heal people through yoga, food (and holistic health),” Pfeffer said.

“I just want people to realize we’re not showing up with balloons or streamers (at a party or event). Everything is sustainable and I use only natural products. I don’t use any plastic. I’m really making sure of that from start to finish. My business cards are 100 percent recyclable. Our flyers are made on a 100 percent recyclable paper. We’re very clean, our chefs are plant or Ayurveda based. The chefs I work with focus on Ayurvedic Medicine so they really cater to your body, they’re not just saying eat this, you’re eating for a certain purpose.”

Pfeffer’s knowledge on these types of subject is vast, it’s evident in her mantra, which is similar to the mission of JuiceBuzz – eating for your body and food is medicine.

She points out the famous Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

“The movement of yoga includes what you’re putting in your body. You can go to the gym everyday but if you’re eating bad food it’s (healthy lifestyle) not going to happen. You can meditate but if you’re talking bad about other people you’re not (going to get where you want to be)… It’s about living the full holistic lifestyle. I’m really into eating locally and supporting the vendors at the Delray GreenMarket – farmer’s market,” Pfeffer said.

Delray Beach is Pfeffer’s hub.

“I think you should always start in your backyard first to try it out, work it out and get rid of the kinks. The JuiceBuzz mission still lives on because it was all about zero waste, what you put in your body but also about what you put on your body. Everything is eco-conscious.”

For more information visit Pfeffer’s website and social media pages: realconnectionssofla.com, facebook.com/realconnectionssofla, Instagram.com/realconnectionssofla or call 561-331-1990.