“How Would You Budget $500 to Achieve What is Most Important for Our Community?”


                The City of Delray Beach invites all Delray Beach citizens to provide public comment on its new Open City Hall Forum budget topic – “How Would You Budget $500 to Achieve What is Most Important for Our Community?” at www.mydelraybeach.com/open-city-hall. This new “$500 Budget Challenge” gives the Delray Beach community the opportunity to allocate funding ($500) for Strategic Plan priorities (that support various City services and/or programs offered) that they feel are the most important to sustain our City as a leading community within South Florida and throughout the state of Florida. Every year, from April through September, the City of Delray Beach prepares its Fiscal Year (FY) budget that begins on October 1st. This is generally a long and difficult process to complete, and due to the extended downturn in the economy, it has become even more complex and challenging to ensure that the City’s Strategic Plan priorities are met and that the City continues to provide high quality programs and services. A major component of the City’s budget process has included feedback provided by our residential and business communities, which provides the public with direct access to our local government’s budget decision making process. In an effort to continue this public engagement and receive input into the FY 2013 budget process, this year, the City has held/scheduled 6 Workshops with presentations from the various General Fund departments, included Budget Public Hearings on a monthly basis at City Commission Meeting. This new innovative communication tool, which promotes civic participation from anywhere and at any time, is being offered to our citizens with the expectation that it will provide the City with valuable input prior to final decisions being made on the FY 2013 Budget. To participate in the City’s Open City Hall Forum “$500 Budget Challenge”, visit the City’s new website – www.mydelraybeach.com – and click on Open City Hall Forum under the Quick Links box on the right side of the home page or go to www.mydelraybeach.com/open- city-hall and look under More Topics and select Fiscal Year 2013 $500 Budget Challenge.