Ice-Pops Get New, Adult Look


The ice pop from the summer days of your youth is getting updated with an adult twist.
FrutaPOP is a small-batch, hand-crafted ice pop company that features coffee pops, fruit and juice pops, detox pops, and alcohol infused ice pops.
The New York City-based start-up company has made its South Florida debut at Delray’s Sandbar with boozy ice pops. The Sandbar Rum Punch POP and Pina Colada POP are available for purchase.
This popsicle doesn’t have a stick and doesn’t use artificial ingredients like sticky syrups. The popsicles feature healthy, seasonal ingredients that can be completely customized for group orders. The alcohol-infused popsicles contain less than 5 percent of alcohol. You must be of drinking age to purchase a popsicle with alcohol.
Co-founders Tracy Memoli and Laurance Rassin say there is a popsicle for every hour of the day. There are coffee pops, juice pops, alcohol pops and detox pops.
“We have a pop for every part of the day,” Rassin said. “We are building a lifestyle brand around the popsicle.”
Now, some of the pops will be for sale at Sandbar in a freezer that holds 300 popsicles at a time.
The company partners with other companies that make products they may use in a popsicle, like Bacardi for the rum popsicles at Sandbar.
The popsicles are wrapped in a recyclable material and there is no stick, which leaves less of a mess. They are made in Pennsylvania and can be shipped anywhere overnight with dry ice.
Memoli started the company after she spent years making sangria and popsicles for her family and friends. She is a food-blogger who works with dessert professional magazines.
Now, the co-founders are selling their cold confections to families, businesses and customizing flavors for events like weddings.
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