Impact 100 for Men to make its debut


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
If the women can do it, why can’t the men?
That is the thought a few local men had about the Impact 100 group. Now, they are gearing up to start their own group to give back called Impact 100 for Men of Palm Beach County.
“We looked at the what the women are doing and said ‘Wow!’’ said Chuck Halberg, who is one of three founders of the men’s group.
The concept behind Impact 100 is to bring a group of women together to support local nonprofits with $100,000 grants. We highlighted the group in our June edition of the Boca Newspaper.
The women bring a $1,000 check to one annual meeting and vote for the nonprofits they feel should receive a grant. This year, they awarded five $100,000 grants and two finalists received $16,000 grants a piece.
Delray Students First was one of the $100,000 recipients for its expansion at Atlantic High School to tutor disadvantaged students for college admission exams.
Halberg, Stephen Greene and Ted Hoskinson want to mimic the concept with a group of men. They said they haven’t been able to find an existing Impact 100 group of men.
They plan on introducing the idea with appetizers and a cash bar on July 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Smoke BBQ, 8 E. Atlantic Ave.
Greene said his goal is to be able to raise $100,000 and award the group’s first grant by the end of the year.
The three men have been involved in several local charitable groups. They started the “Snickers Awards” at Pine Grove Elementary where they awarded deserving teachers with gift cards.
They are also behind the Delray Beach Initiative, which hosts fundraising events around town.
Over lunch, Halberg and Greene agreed that their involvement with the initiative will remain while they launch Impact 100.
They said the small events make a difference, but awarding $100,000 really makes a difference.
“It’s all about just giving back and making a bigger impact,” Halberg said. “We have done the events and raised small amounts. Now, it is time to make a big difference.”
The group is working to build its board and decide what types of organizations it will target for grants.
They said luckily they have some help from Impact 100 co-founder Tandy Robinson. The men agree they don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can take help from the women and hopefully recruit some of their husbands to help.