In Concert: A Tribute to Pete Seeger on His 95th Birthday


Pete Seeger, the iconic singer, songwriter and tireless worker for the environment, peace, civil liberties and civil rights, will be celebrating his 95th birthday on May 3rd of this year. Pete’s friends and admirers take this special occasion to honor Pete with a concert of songs based upon the book he co- authored, “Carry It On.” The concert will take place on Saturday, February 8, at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Tickets are available on line ( and at the Playhouse box office for the 2PM matinee and the 7PM evening concert. Ticket prices are $20/$25 in advance and $26/$30 at the door. The concert benefits three Lake Worth non- profit organizations. In 1985, Pete Seeger compiled “Carry It On,” a history of the Labor Movement, co-authored by Bob Reiser. For decades Seeger had been performing with labor on picket lines and at rallies. With his pal Woody Guthrie, Pete toured the country adapting words for the labor movement to old-time melodies. When first printed, the publisher used a non-union press. Pete and his wife Toshi withdrew all of their savings to have the book reprinted on a union press. Anne Feeney, nationally recognized labor performer joins a cast of local musicians, all recognized for their musical talent and ability to engage audiences. The concert will be narrated by Charlie Birnbaum, deep-voiced manager of the Stonzek Movie Theater. Sharing part of the narration will be the voice of Pete Seeger. On the screen, behind the performers, will be photographs of Pete’s life, and the words to all of the songs, so the audience can sing-along. A wine and cheese reception with the performers for both afternoon and evening concerts will be held for the audiences between concerts at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery at 15 South J. Street in Downtown Lake Worth. Those holding tickets are welcome to attend.