In The Grove

Did this year fly by or what? Life is so exciting this time of the year with the holidays and start of a brand new year and there is so much going on in Pineapple Grove. The new Hyatt Place hotel on the corner of NE 1st Street and NE 2nd Avenue is already pouring concrete for its second floor. What an abundance of business it will bring to the Grove and the convenience of having more lodging in our area is wonderful. I have some great info for you to help you discover where you can find really great dining and shopping so read on! Pampering and Polishing: Spoke to Bea Beckers at Indigo Day Studio at 317 NE 2nd Avenue the other day. She wants to offer you “Princess for a Day” which includes her Signature Facial, Mani/Pedi for $180. She has a new haircut and looks so cute as the smiling, living doll she is. Go see her! Francie at Nourishe told me they are offering $50 off your first treatment for all new customers. They are located at 200 NE 2nd Avenue, Ste.114. When you walk in the door, you already feel 100% more relaxed! Lisa and Lisa B. and Company, the sweetest, calmest person I know has a special for you, a Microdermabrasion Treatment for $95 (regularly $115) to brighten and lighten your skin for the New Year. She says you will see a noticeable dif- ference after one treatment. Wow, I’m mak- ing my appointment today! What with all the rain lately, you can’t possibly have any color, so go get your tan on at Glow Tan! Megan and Brandon Kemp said you should come see them to get a buy three, get one free session deal. Located in the Esplanade Plaza at 253 NE 2nd Avenue they’re a beautiful young couple always eager to please their customers with great customer service. I have known them for many years. It’s always great to start off the New Year with a great book and get lost in the story you are reading. Check out Joann Sinchuk’s plans for January at Murder on the Beach

Book Store. She also wants to help you with that desire to become the next great author. Joann has been so involved in the life of the Grove and we applaud her for her efforts in helping us make Pineapple Grove a great place to live, work and play. Saturday January 7, 10 am – noon, Kick Start Your Novel Saturday January 14, 10 am – noon, The Building Blocks of Fiction Saturday January 21, 10 am – noon, The Magic of Memoir Saturday January 28, 10 am – noon, Create Convincing Characters Shopping: Beautify your home and give a gift that is unparalleled with its stunning beauty and originality. Joseph Roehm, of From Roehm with Love, moved from Atlantic Avenue awhile back and found a loving home in the Grove in the Esplanade Plaza at 257 NE 2nd Avenue. He is such an artiste and has a lovely staff helping him create floral designs that will surprise and delight you! Have fun just enveloping yourself in the incredible aroma that emanates from the gorgeous flowers and tell him Susie sent you.

Sabrina Amelung at Monogram Closet told me she is moving after eight years in her present location to just next door at 166 NE 2ND Avenue. Monogram Closet helps you make something even more per- sonal and special when you get the gift monogrammed. She will offer “Grand Re- opening Specials” the first week of January. She has a beautiful shop and I congratulate her on her success in the Grove! Roxy Lulu Boutique at 119 NE 2nd Avenue hosts “Glamour in the Grove” with wine, chocolates and sales every 3rd Friday of the month from now through the end of March according to owner Jule Guaglardi. She sells ready to wear and resort clothing. What a cute shop! Roxy Lulu is new to the Astor location in the Grove. The new Hyatt will be really give her such a boost to her business in the near future. Look out Jule! Go see her and ask how she came up with the name of the shop!! Stopped in to see Az at his location in the Esplanade Plaza at 275 NE 2nd Avenue. Come get framed at Az The Wizard Picture Framing. He is such a nice person and is offering 25% off Custom Framing. Dining and Entertainment: You have such a variety to choose from in this category.

Dennis Max, famed restaurateur, recently opened a location in the Grove at 169 NE 2nd Avenue called Max’s Harvest using all locally grown products. If Dennis thinks the Grove is the place to be then it is! Next door you can dine at Trattoria Italia at 189 NE 2nd Avenue. When Roberto of Café Veri Amici left the Grove, this fine establishment opened up. Go welcome them. Giualiano from Dolce Amore, 241 NE 2nd Avenue has decided to go Mario Batali on us. I told him I wanted to take a photo of him in the kitchen in his chef’s attire and he was all sneakers and shorts!! He will offer a combo menu for New Year’s Eve, both from the menu and prix fixe. As soon as you walk in the door, your nose is attacked with wonderful aromas. My husband was amazed and his tummy started growling immediately! Suzanne Perotto and Reny Hodan from Brule Bistro/Wine House in CityWalk at 200 NE 2nd Avenue have done such a remarkable job with their incredible location. Great service combined with tantalizing flavors will make you want to come back time and again. Such sweet people and it is such a pleasure to stop in and say hi and enjoy the ambiance. They will offer their regular fine menu for New Year’s Eve with a complimentary champagne toast. Joseph and Elie Boueri at Joseph’s Wine Bar and Cafe will offer a nice New Year’s menu and specials. They told me they will be open from 6-11. They have recently opened a retail wine shop next to Max’s Harvest in the second block of the Grove. It’s a new venture on their part and with their success as restaurateurs; I know it will be a success! If you are too tired to go out and just want to pick up take-out and relax, order from Ming’s Garden or have them deliver. They are at 271 NE 2nd Avenue and I love their menu. Also, a new pizza spot has opened at 333 NE 3rd Avenue called Pazza Italiano owned by the Lena Family. Welcome them and pick up a New York style pie to go! They also offer free delivery. Heather and Justin at HJ O’Connor’s Pub, 210 NE 2nd Street will offer entertain- ment by Midlife Crysis band and have a buffet available for you on New Year’s Eve. There will be a Guinness Toast that night in an attempt to set a record around the world. Always a great spot for music and good company! S0, now that you have the where, who and what in the Grove to have fun, go get a cappuccino from Coffee District at 325 NE 2nd Avenue from Chung and Anna, find a seat on one of our beautiful benches located throughout the Grove. Sit back and relax and Get Your Groove On in the Grove!