Independence From Dis-ease


By Dr. Marilyn Shore Special to The Pineapple In celebration of LIFE, I’d like to share how you can have independence from sickness and disease. This may seem confusing, but I consider one of the greatest gifts in my life is the knowledge that our bodies are capable of healing from anything, since it was given all the strategies and a natural pharmacy to heal itself from inside out. Then, why do so many people have chronic disease, are on a multitude of medications, are in tremendous fear, keep running from one doctor to the next, one test to the next, only to cover up or mask what your body is trying to tell you? In this cover up process, you are not only avoiding the cause of the problem, but often creating compounded illness from all the dangerous effects of the medications being taken. The solution is in addressing the cause of dis-ease in the body. We have what we need internally, but if it is blocked from expressing itself, we slowly breakdown, something like a car out of alignment, not tuned up, until it shows up as symptoms and disease. So, what is this block? In Chiropractic, we call it a Subluxation. This is when a vertebra in your spine, especially the first bone in the neck, is out of alignment, interfering with the nerve energy flow or life flow from the brain to all the organs, tissues and cells of the body. You can have a Subluxation for years, even from birth, and not know it, but slowly it is compromising your health, affecting your energy, vitality, even your immune system, finally expressing as disease. Subluxations are insidious; you don’t know they are present unless checked by a Chiropractor. They must be corrected by a Chiropractic adjustment. I have been getting my spine checked for Subluxations for over 30 years. My daughter since she was born. She has never had a medication, including Tylenol, Aspirin or antibiotics. We stay nerve interference free, which allows our bodies to function at full potential and use what God gave us to stay healthy, whole and complete. This is what my patients learn and embrace for themselves and their families. This gives us the power to know that we know that we can heal from anything and be independent from dis-ease. If you are interested in hearing more, I have weekly talks in my office that you are welcome to attend. For more information call 561-278-2727 or visit