Ink Master’s Star, Lea Vendetta, Releases 2013 Calendar


Lea Vendetta made her mark as one of the original cast members of Spike TV’s, Ink Master, hosted by rocker David Navarro. The red-headed beauty captured the hearts of men around the globe, when she was then picked to pose for the pages of Maxim magazine, showing off her very personal body of work. Now, Lea is revealing more of her gorgeous “collection,” through a very artistically photographed 11×17 2013 calendar. The tattoo artist, model, and painter was inspired by fan requests to create a calendar, so she tapped world-renowned photographer Robert Alvarado, to create a sophisticated, yet edgy pin-up style calendar that not only highlights Lea’s original beauty, but the incredible artwork that now adorns her body. Born in Paris, Lea has made it her mission to use her artistic expression to awaken the world to the beauty of tattooing. The calendar is now on sale for $25 at “I am really excited about this calendar,” said the Parisian-born artist, who now lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. “Each picture captures a different mood, and evokes a new feeling. From flirty to vampy, innocent to ethereal, working with Robert Alvarado was an amazing experience and we created something that I know people will enjoy gazing upon throughout the year.” Lea who got her first tattoo at age 18, considers her body a canvas, and seeks the world’s best tattoo artists to create their vision on her skin. “Some people see a Picasso and must possess it, I see certain artists and I want to “collect” their work as well. But for me it is so much more personal because I live with their art and I want to share that beauty with others. That is why this calendar is such a wonderful opportunity for me to show everyone the true artistry that the best tattoo artists create.” Lea is passionate about promoting the true artistry behind tattooing, as she is considered one of the world’s finest tattoo artists, and also is trained in traditional art, and has sold many paintings. “I got an “Art et Lettres” high school diploma, and I did one year of “preparation aux grandes ecoles,” at “l’Ecole de Sèvres,” in Paris. (I was accepted to “l’Ecole de Sevres” and one year there was going to allow me to go to the big art schools in Paris such as “Boulle,” “E.N.S.A.D” etc. I was selected with 23 other lucky students, over thousands of entries to attend that school. However, I ended up not attending any of those schools. I decided I wanted to learn more commercial art work, and instead, did one year of advertising school in Montpellier(south of France), then my life took another direction.”

When Lea got her first tattoo she was captivated by the technique and the talent needed to become truly great.

“The skin is totally different medium to work on,” she said. “And because you are creating on a person, you must be perfect every time. The creative process is challenging, and rewarding. I love what I do, and I also love that I am also expanding my artistry in many different directions.” Since the success of Ink Masters, Lea has been in demand for her various forms of artistic talent, including many requests for alternative modeling. “I am really enjoying life,” she said. “And through this calendar I hope to share my passion every day with thousands of people!”