The iPhone Is Turning 10 Years Old


By: Julius McGee Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Most of us would find it hard to imagine life today without the iPhone. Ten years ago the founder and then CEO of Apple Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at the MacWorld convention in January of 2007. At that point, it had been in the works for three years, and it was the cutting edge of technology.

It was presented as an iPod, but with a wider screen. Rather than being controlled by physical buttons, it instead featured a touch screen. It was a mobile phone that would effectively communicate with the Internet like no phone had before. Jobs suggested it would reinvent the phone, and ten years later…as we look back, we can all agree that it it has.

There was no longer a need for a phone with a physical keyboard or a wide array of buttons- instead, this device needed just one button, and everything else was controlled by a simple touch and a swipe.

While in constant battle with Samsung, Apple is still at the top of the mobile device mountain, having just released the iPhone 7 on September 16th of 2016. The rumor is that the iPhone 8 shouldn’t lag too much behind. Perhaps they may do something crazy and release it earlier…who knows.

The many editions of the iPhone

The first iPhone to start the epidemic was the 2G, and in all honesty, the look and form have been replicated with each edition. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it- and truth be told the look has always been a popular one.

The first iPhone was available in 3 storage models–4, 8 and 16GB. Now? The iPhone 7 starts at 32GB! Over a year later the iPhone 3G was released- it added assisted GPS and an iOS update that included push email. It was also the introduction of the App Store. In 2009 the iPhone 3GS was introduced, mostly the 3G but with a faster processor. There was an improved camera resolution and voice control was also added.

The iPhone 4 gained a 5-megapixel camera, a front camera, and retina display. It was the first for a design change, with a flat panel replacing the previously rounded rear panel. This made it the thinnest smartphone in the world. It was updated with an A4 processor to improve multitasking and accompanied by a stainless-steel frame.

The 4S camera jumped to 8 megapixels as Apple looked to compete with Samsung, and it moved on to the A5 processor in 2011. It was also when Siri was introduced to the world, as well as iMessage, iCloud, reminders, and a notification center. It came just two weeks after Steve Jobs passed away, after losing his battle with cancer.

The iPhone 5 broke sales records, with its A6 processor and extended display. This was also when the lightning connector emerged. Additionally, it was on an aluminum frame- making it lighter.

The 5S and 5C landed toward the end of 2013, with the C being an upgraded version of the 5. While the 5S went for the A7 processor and which was twice as fast as the 5. We were introduced to touch ID, and dual LED flash.

The 6 saw the introduction of the 4.7-inch display, which the seven also features, and an upgrade for the camera, too. The 6 Plus went on a 5.5-inch display making it the biggest iPhone ever. The 6S landed in 2014, and little had changed, while the SE was the shocker. It looked just like the five but had a totally up to date system and came with a lower price tag.

The 7’s are out now, and they are glorious, with an improved camera, water and dust resistant, and an A10 processor. Plus the matte black iPhone is pretty slick!

Everyone is wondering what the hardware and software will be like for the new iPhone 8. The people are asking questions like…”will it have wings?, will it magically pick up my phone calls and talk for me?, or will it think for me?”. As you can see, expectations are set high. We Nerds are a bit more realistic and hope that it could possibly help us teleport.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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