IVY Remedy— IV Treatments Not Just For Hangovers


Staff report

Feeling run down from traveling or want to boost your body while you train for a marathon? IVY Remedy in downtown Delray Beach is serving up cocktails and boosts through IV therapy.

Downtown Delray resident Vincent Coulas opened the lounge, which has a garden of eden vibe with ivy covering the walls and elements of earth, in May.

The new venture allows him to combine his two backgrounds of hospitality and healthcare in one.

The lounge, located at 84 SE 4th Ave., is geared toward making visitors feel comfortable and relaxed while the treat themselves to a vitamin concoction to help with hydration or energy.

“We want to have people as relaxed as possible,” he said.

Lounge chairs have blankets and pillows and the room feels like a living room rather than a sterile medical space.

All treatments are performed by trained medical staff and the business has a doctor on staff.

Popular treatments are immunity $135 and recovery and performance $150. The most popular booster is Glutathione $35, which helps provide the skin with a glow.

IV treatments are typically marketed as helping cure hangovers, but Coulas said they do so much more. His clients are not hungover 21 year olds. He said they skew a bit older and are looking to stay healthy with immunity treatments between business trips or to provide an extra boost of a vitamin they are lacking like B-12.

“Any vitamin you can take over the counter, you can administer through an IV,” he said.

Thursday is Ladies’s Day and treatments are half-off and come with champagne and rose.

The IV process takes about 20-30 minutes. A new customer will spend about 45 minutes in the lounge from start to finish.

If you can’t make it in to the space, IVY Remedy will come to you. They offer mobile services.

Coulas said he decided to open the lounge in Delray because it is the city he calls home.

“I thought there was a need for it in Delray,” he said. “It was a good opportunity to provide a service that’s needed.”

For more information and a menu of IV cocktails, visit https://ivyremedy.com