JARC’s Relationship With Delray’s Stealth Supply Expands


Staff report

Since 2016, JARC clients have been employees with Delray Beach-based Stealth Supply, a company that provides spare and repair parts in support of the United States Military.

Stealth Supply is one of the companies that works with JARC to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through JARC’s Adult Development Training (ADT) Program.

Stealth Supply brings products and packaging supplies to the JARC campus fulfillment center. About 30 JARC clients then get to work stuffing, labeling, packing, weighing, measuring and sealing packages.

“When I walk into the JARC building, and see the clients working on our projects, it gives me great joy,” Stealth Supply. Co-owner Jerry Kaplan said. “They have a job and a sense of purpose and accomplishment.”

And as the relationship has continued over the past several years, it has grown. Now, a few times a week JARC clients show up to work at Stealth Supply. Kaplan said he has rearranged the office so they have a dedicated area to work in.

“Thanks to our partnership with JARC FL and the access we have to the many skilled individuals, there are countless jobs in the last few years that we’ve bid on and won,” Kaplan said.

The new program where clients head to Stealth Supply is called the Community Works Program. Currently, 65 clients working at 16 different local businesses

“It’s been a great, symbiotic relationship,” JARC CEO Jeffrey Zirulnick said. “They are a small business and we are providing them with a large work force.”

JARC clients are paid through a state grant. The goal of the program is for clients to learn the job through the program and master the skills so the company will then hire the employee, Zirulnick said.

And when JARC clients aren’t working on a specific task, they are being trained for a new opportunity.

“We are always looking for more new partners,” Zirulnick said.

Kaplan said the program has helped his business and himself. He found out about JARC from his neighbors. Their son is a JARC client and has received training to be a chef. After learning more about JARC, he got involved.

“There are many other companies in our area that could benefit from working with JARC FL,” he said. “It’s a win-win. You are getting the work done and you are helping somebody make a difference and feel good about themselves in the process.”