Jewelry That Speaks To You…..


Vixity is a U.S. based company with over 35 years of cumulative experience in the diamond and fine jewelry industry. As a testament to their hard work, Vixity has seen tremendous growth despite being the new kid on the block – having only opened in Delray Beach just over a year and a half ago. As they continue to expand their designer collections, the owner, Mindy Zwerin, passionately believes that what makes Vixity an extraordinary place is, that “the merchandise we carry is truly a story,” she explains. “There are plenty of designers in this world and they are the heart of why we do what we do. We are just here to tell their stories!”. As soon as the door opens in this bejeweled little slice of heaven, you are captured by the ambiance of lovely candles burning amidst a welcoming staff. The boutique is filled with jewelry from all over the globe, bursting with different historical and spiritual stories. From bracelets engraved with “Always and Forever” to necklaces reminding you to leave your worries behind and just “Breathe”. These pieces are more than sterling silver or white gold, they are messages that can be shared with those around you. More often than not a bystander may stop you to compliment your jewelry and, in that moment, these subliminal messages engraved in your bracelet may encourage and remind them to live their life to the fullest! Vixity has a message for everyone, from peace signs to Hamsa’s, otherwise known as the hand of God. These are a reminders of how to live our lives. They can be worn casually and they can be a key accessory to your favorite black dress. There are many designs that can be custom engraved upon request, therefore if you’re at a loss for words, allow your creative spirit to say it for you on a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or ring. You can follow them on facebook at www. or visit their website where there is over 30,000 extraordinary pieces to choose from. They also have a growing blog with amazing stories capturing a glimpse of the exquisite works of art in store. Vixity is located at 812 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483. For more information, call 561-270-3544. You can also visit their website at