Join Project Maté Bar and Create Something From Nothing


Project Maté Bar cordially invites you and your family to be a part of a wonderful event taking place on “Three Kings Day” – Sunday, January 6th, 2013. The afternoon will be all about creating artwork from recycled materials promoting the concept of transformation as we assist our planet. They will be collecting materials and craft supplies from December 26th up to the day of the event, so bring them all of your post Christmas refuse, such as wrapping rollers, cardboard boxes, twisty ties, even old toys.

Artistic guidance and direction will be provided by featured Project Maté Bar artists. They will provide unlimited & refreshing Iced Red Berry Ma-Tea (a delicious blend of gourmet Meta Maté with organic red berries, ginger and rose hips)
Project Mate Bar is fast becoming a new destination for meetings, art events and networking, They offer exclusive fashion items from around the world and a full line of traditional Maté utensils and accessories. Their art collection features world renowned artists and all pieces are one of a kind. Project Maté Bar has a daily selection of freshly brewed Yerba Maté teas. Get in on this forward trend among those in search of a healthy, organic & sustainable, energy-boosting alternative beverage. Visit