Juicebuzz Opens Off Atlantic Avenue


The town of Delray Beach has been buzzing with anticipation for their very own juice bar. The wait is now over. Local yoga teacher Jacqueline Pfeffer-Sheridan, her husband Matthew and close friend Alexis Rhigas, are finally bringing a dedicated juice bar to downtown Delray Beach. This terrific trio has teamed up to turn a community’s desire into reality. JuiceBuzz features fresh juices and smoothies, as well as serving organic cold pressed juices and creative tinctures. The “juicetenders” mix their signature drinks, containing 3 – 5 times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes to purify your body from the inside – out. Why is everyone and their mother juicing? Aside from being delicious, juicing has a myriad of benefits. The cold press process keeps the nutrients alive that are known to balance pH and sugar levels, boosts the immune system, detoxes the body, increases mental clarity, aids digestion, clears skin, and helps with weight loss regimens. Matthew Sheridan has 20 years of business experience, from working in finance in New York City to owning several sales companies. He will use his savvy business skills to tend to the responsibilities behind the juices. Jacqueline Pfeffer-Sheridan has been teaching yoga locally for six years. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle inspires the juice creations and her hospitality background ensures excellent customer service. Alexis Rhigas is also a yoga instructor, personal trainer and competed professionally in bodybuilding for 12 years. His background in health and wellness will guide the patrons in the right direction for their bodies and mind. JuiceBuzz is located at 6 NE 5th Avenue Delray Beach. You can call ahead to order or just let them know you’re on your way – (561) 278 – 6122.