Kanner & Pintaluga


By Rigel Herman The Pineapple Staff Writer

The law offices of Kanner & Pintaluga are no small potatoes. And since moving their headquarters to downtown Delray, they’ve become our city’s second largest employer. The personal injury attorneys have settled nicely into their new 10,000 square foot digs at 101 Pugliese’s Way in Pineapple Grove. Kanner & Pintaluga exclusively represent accident and serious injury victims throughout Florida and Georgia. With offices in Broward, Naples/Ft. Myers, Miami, Jacksonville and Duluth, Georgia, they’ve got the area well covered. Choosing to call Delray Beach their primary hub was a calculated decision based on community, family and a pleasurable, inviting work environment for the staff. Founded in 2003 by Howard Kanner and Eric Pintaluga, the law offices have a reputation as aggressive and ethical, not representing large corporations or insurance companies but instead only injured victims and families. Fitting then, that they chose Delray Beach. Their offices have a genuine, though extravagant feel, rather than that of a large sterile plaza on a corporate row. Eric Pintaluga, who attended law school at the University of Miami, has two children, a six-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. Their pictures are all over his large office, along with what looks like 1,000 boxes of paperwork and case files. “It’s nice to be able to come here,” Kanner says of Delray Beach, “I can have my kids come down and hang out and it’s safe and fun.” The nice thing about welcoming Kanner & Pintaluga to Delray Beach is that they are here for the right reasons. “It’s a joy to come to work, being in such a nice area, it’s like paradise,” says Kanner. The two partners sincerely enjoy working in Delray Beach and are confident that their large, vibrant and diverse staff has and will continue to take advantage of their new location, ultimately bringing more business and exposure to downtown Delray Beach. Howard Kanner, who graduated from Vermont Law School in 2001 and has collected more that $100 million dollars in compensation for his clients, appreciates Delray Beach’s central location and easy accessibility to the interstate’s and airports. More than that though, he says, “Downtown Delray is a fun and beautiful place to invite clients and other professionals to come and enjoy.” Kanner lives in East Boca with his wife and their daughter and is expecting another baby in the coming months. He’s a fan of Mamma’s Pizza for lunch and Cut 432 for dinner. Pintaluga expressed his love of the seafood risotto at Tramonti and likes to take his kids for frozen yogurt about town. The advantages of working in Delray Beach are clear and these two certainly aren’t shy about exploring, as much as their large case loads allow. Currently their offices have upwards of 7,000 active case files.

Passionate sports fans, both are Dolphins ticket holders and Pintaluga is a Cubs fan while Kanner is diehard for the FSU Seminoles. They plan to involve themselves with various charity endeavors in Delray Beach. Right now, however, they are making themselves at home away from home in their sparkling, impressive offices and are hard at work with their clients. The invitation to stop by and tour their completely remodeled space is standing and open. “People are welcome to stop by, introduce themselves and say hi,” says Kanner. Of course, legal consults require an appointment, but they only collect a fee if they win your case. For information visit www.kpattorney.com