Kaufman Lynn headquarters plan to call Delray home


By: Marisa Gottesman
Kaufman Lynn Construction will be saying goodbye to its headquarters in Boca Raton and opening its national headquarter facility on Congress Avenue in Delray Beach.
The Boca-based company is no stranger to Delray. The group is behind the SOFA project, Alta Depot, Abbey Delray and other projects. It has also supported Unity School and Delray Beach Little League.
Now, the nearly 28-year-old company plans to bring more than 100 employees, whose average annual salaries are more than $100,000, to the southern end of Congress Avenue where city officials have been pushing for growth.
“We are all very excited to move to Delray,” Kafuman Lynn CEO and president Michael Kaufman said.
Congress Avenue Task Force members said this is the kind of project the city needs to kick off growth in the area.
To make the move possible, the company asked the city to allow them to have a self-service storage area on the back of the building. City rules did not permit self-storage in that area of the city, so commissioners were asked to update the city code. The building will still need city approvals to be built.
The rule change states where businesses will be allowed to have storage units and what requirements they must meet to receive approval.
Only Commissioner Shelly Petrolia voted against the project. She said she didn’t want to see the city change its rules for entire area for one project.
Commissioner Mitch Katz said this project shows that the Congress Corridor is open for business.
“We can create a great area where we can have Class A office space,” he said. “I am very excited about this. Hopefully this is the first step to get more of a jump start on that side of Congress.”
Commissioner Jordana Jarjura said she supports a project that involves a national headquarters coming to the city.
“They are really the perfect candidate for what we should be promoting for Delray,” he said of Kaufman Lynn. “We should be tripping over our body parts in trying to facilitate companies like yours into this area of Delray. I couldn’t be happier you’re here.”