Keeping up with the times


By: Anne Marie Van Casteren Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
For entrepreneur and local businessman Marc Bell, partnering up with a cutting-edge watch company has not been just another investment; it’s become a lifestyle.
Along with holding many investments in the hospitality, finance and theatrical industries, Bell is no stranger to the world of success.
With his latest business endeavor, KYBOE!, a global brand originating in Europe, Bell said he fell in love with the brand’s appeal.
The original owners, Dick Sijmons and Kees de Bruine, built KYBOE! in the Netherlands. Building a strong following, the duo traveled to the South of France, an international and high fashion hot spot, where they found instant success in Saint Tropez. This began the start of their popularity that carried throughout Europe.
With Saint Tropez being a summer vacation spot for Bell, he said little did he know that is where he would embark on his next business venture.
“About eight years ago, I walked into a small watch shop in France and bought a KYBOE! watch,” Bell explained. “All my friends immediately took a liking to the watch, and I thought to myself, ‘nobody ever commented on my watch before.’ Before I headed back to the United States, I bought about a half dozen others. Everyone at home had the same reaction to these KYBOE! watches.”
As more people began to comment on his newest accessories, Bell said he decided to purchase more until his collection amounted to 120 wristwatches. After not being able to travel back to Europe, Bell contacted the small shop to request a shipment from their latest line. He said KYBOE! declined because the company never shipped to the states before. With Bell being such a savvy entrepreneur, giving up has never been part of his forte. He decided to come up with a simple solution.
“I ended up meeting the two founders of KYBOE!,” he said. “They are really great guys. I thought, I don’t want to buy the company but I do want to be partners with you guys. And that is how we got involved with KYBOE!.”
With the help of the original owners and experienced retail investor, Joe Roos, the group expanded the brand and brought it to the United States.
“We are now in Saks, Lord and Taylor, and Nordstrom,” Bell said. “We are adding new retailers every day and are very excited to continue to do so. Eventually, we are going to make this a global brand.”
With its sleek designs and fashionable colors and trends, the KYBOE! watches not only catch the attention of every day consumers, but the eyes of celebrities such as DJ Armin Van Buuren, Sean Paul, DJ Tiesto, and professional soccer star Jasper Cillessen. With the variety of colors, sizes and accents, KYBOE! collections are customized to fit consumers for all occasions.
“How many people every day compliment your watch?” he said. “They may compliment your shoes or your handbag but not your watch. Now they will.”
Although residing in Boca Raton, KYBOE!’s brand is known on a global scale and will continue to expand with the help of Marc Bell Capital.
“You have to be willing to take measured risks in order to start your own business or partner with others,” Bell said.