The Keyes Company Visits Florida Keys For Hurricane Relief


Staff report

Members of the Keyes Company spent a day of service at Sugarloaf Key delivering supplies, tools and lending a hand to help ease the impact of Hurricane Irma.

Over the course of three weeks, employees in every Keyes office gathered, sorted and boxed supplies that were transported and delivered to the distribution center at Sugarloaf School. Sixty employees and their families traveled with a busload of goods including food, toiletries and tools.

Volunteers also got physical, helping to saw trees, move debris, roofs, swimming pools, and disabled boats, upright fences and hand out meals purchased from local hard-hit business to the community.

“This is still a time of need,” said Mike Pappas, president and CEO at Keyes. “Not only did they work diligently to collect supplies, but to have so many of them that wanted to come down and get hands-on and raise the spirit of others isn’t something you see often. I’m proud our team could come together and give their time, energy, and dedication to help our Florida neighbors.”