Lessons for Life


Life lessons are hidden in places that you least expect. Most of the time we don’t see the lessons because our awareness is somewhere else. Take my weekend for example. A simple road trip up north for a yoga workshop, turned out to be anything but simple, as I became in tuned to some of life’s most important lessons. Lesson 1 Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Don’t be so rigid with your plans. Sometimes veering off the path can enhance the journey. Not to say your destination has to change, but always remember there is more than one way to get there. Lesson 2 You get what give. Whether it’s a relationship, job, working out, or raising a kid. What you desire out of each experience, is exactly what you have to put into it. If you want love patience and understanding in a relationship, then that’s exactly what you need to put in. If you are jealous, impatient or untrustworthy, then don’t be surprised if that’s what you get back. Lesson 3 No expectations. When you put expectations on situations and people, you can be let down. Why not leave expectations at home, and enjoy the moment for what it is. If you are in the process of a diet, and your expectations are to lose 30 lbs in a month and suddenly resemble Kate Moss, there is a good chance you will be let down. However, if you took out the expectations, and had health as your goal, you can celebrate smaller gains (or losses), by feeling healthier with each shed pound. Lesson 4 Just say no. It’s ok to say no, even when you feel obligated to say yes. For a moment let it all be all about you. Set boundaries. It’s ok to say no to your boss for the third time in a row to stay late, and it’s ok to say no about cooking dinner again. You shouldn’t be saying yes to anyone else, unless you can say yes to yourself first. Lesson 5 There’s beauty in everything. Wherever you’re at right now, take a look at your surroundings. Take a moment to find the beauty. Even out of the mud, the lotus flower blooms. Lesson 6 Change your habits…Change your life. How we speak, walk, socialize, exercise, eat etc. can all be traced back to our habits. Our belief systems are simply our thought habits. The people we even connect with are results of similar habits. With that being said, if there are changes we want to make in our lives, than it’s the habit cycle that is needed to be broken. Why are diets and new workout routines so hard in the beginning? What is the toughest part of a breakup with someone? Why do some people always have drama in their lives? I can go on, but you can answer each question with a unanimous uncomfortable habit change taking place. I feel the root of all our problems and successes stems from this simple philosophy, “our habits determine the direction of our lives”. We just have to be strong enough to recognize them, and willing to change the ones that no longer serve us. There is a famous saying, “history always repeats itself”. This statement is true only if you allow it to repeat. I created this article while traveling along the Florida Turnpike, and observing daily mundane events. I became deeply aware of my surroundings, and the teachings life presents with each passing moment. Do I feel enlightened? Nope. But I’m certainly a tad less on repeat. Write me at: DavidJames.Yoga@gmail.com or call 561-929-8905