Lions Club Continues to Help the Visually Impaired


 The Delray Beach Public Library recently received another gift of $500 check from the Delray Beach Lions Club. John S. Parke, Treasurer, and a member of the Delray Beach Lions Club since 1970, once again presented a check to Library Director Alan Kornblau. “The Library is very grateful to the Lions Club for their ongoing support and generosity to help the visually impaired in our community,” said Kornblau. The Delray Beach Lions Club has supported the Library since 1939. It has been giving a gift of $500 to the Delray Beach Public Library twice each year since 2001 for a total thus far of $11,000. The Lions Club requests that this money be used to purchase materials for the visually impaired, such as large print books and books-on-tape. The Library’s collection of such materials is quite extensive and extremely popular thanks to the continued support of the Lions Club. The Library was also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Lions Club for collecting and maintaining many large print books and recordings for use by their Library patrons with eyesight difficulty living in Delray Beach and surrounding communities. For further information on the Delray Beach Public Library and how you can help support the library, visit or call the Development Office at 561-266-0775.