Listen to Joe Cotton’s new single “A1A” while cruising through Palm Beach County


By: David DiPino
Contributing Writer

Local realtor Steve Martel, known by the stage name “Joe Cotton,” recently released the 11-song “My Place” album, which includes the tune “A1A”— a landscape and roadmap of South Florida.

During the pandemic, cruising in your vehicle with your family and loved ones down Florida State Road A1A, especially in the scenic Palm Beaches, is a safe and fun way to explore the surroundings.

Martel, a Delray Beach resident, recorded his Joe Cotton Band album in Miami with producer Chris Price and a talented group of session musicians.

Joe Cotton is so incredibly unselfish in the way he plays his music, the genres he pays tribute to and the cascades of hope radiating from his sunny and bright core. Producer Chris Price captures a smooth blend of appealing tones and rhythms, and Joe Cotton’s graceful voice, which he accents brilliantly across this recording with a revving engine of top-session band sound and structured vocals.

The Joe Cotton record “My Place” is a throwback to the classic albums we used to crave and listen to all the way through.

“A1A” is an ode to riding in your vehicle with the windows down on a sunny day with lyrics about State Road A1A, an oceanfront town Florida thoroughfare from Key West to Fernandina Beach. It’s a nod to the famous Beach Boys summer sound.

In “A1A,” Joe Cotton leaves Lantana on a midnight shift, gets a lift in Briny Breezes, hits the gas in Delray, checks out Gulfstream’s wonderful view while heading to Palm Beach Island ready to play and is in Boca Raton by the end of the day.

Somewhere along Boynton Beach or Ocean Ridge, Joe Cotton’s got to cross the bridge. Then, he tries to rhyme in Manalapan, isn’t that home to the world’s most prolific writer James Patterson? He’s heading up there as quick as he can.

“A1A” should be the theme song for the ocean-side beauty of Palm Beach County, or Broward County because now he’s down in Deerfield Beach for a walk on the pier, clams, mussels and lobster rolls at Whale’s Rib. Joe Cotton Band is always grooving, cruising on A1A.

Joseph Cotton is actually Steve Martel’s birth name from when he was adopted in Montreal as a baby.

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