Local Author Writes For Young Adults Addresses Teenage Topics


Staff report
Stacie Ramey has seen the secrets that kids hold inside. She has worked with kids as a speech language pathologist for the past 30 years.
About eight years ago, she said she decided to share some of those emotions that students have through writing.
“There’s a lot of kids carrying a lot of things around with them,” she said. “I like to write about kids.”
In 2015, her first young adult book, “The Sister Pact” was published.
She said the story is of two sisters who make a suicide pact, but only one goes through with it. The story is told through the eyes of the surviving sister.
That book sparked a spin-off of “The Homecoming,” which follows the surviving sister’s secret boyfriend’s own struggles with drug use and family issues.
The themes can be dark, but they are also realistic issues that young adults could be grappling with. She said she writes her books for a young adult audience.
The Homecoming touches on substance abuse, divorce, depression and grief.
A book launch was recently held at Barnes and Nobles in Wellington with a homecoming dance theme, a play on the name of the book.
A cardboard cut out of Adam Levine was nominated homecoming king, attendees dressed up like they were going to a homecoming dance and there was a float decorating competition. A portion of the proceeds benefitted The Big Dog Ranch Rescue because Ramey said every dog needs a good home- which also stuck with the home, homecoming theme.
Even with two published books, being an author isn’t Ramey’s full-time job. She still works in the school system.
To help with her writing career, she said she attended tons of workshops and writing groups. She did go back to school for her MFA.
“I don’t write every day,” she said.
She has another book scheduled to come out in November and a fourth to follow in 2018.
The third book will be another spin-off that follows a character from The Homecoming. It focuses on a character that has emotional disturbances and wants to hide on the Appalachian Trail until he turns 18.
The fourth book she said will be a new idea completely separate from the characters in her previous books. Her books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.