Local Delray Beach businesswomen selected to speak at the IFEA’s 60th Annual Convention & Expo


Terra Spero of RealTime Marketing Group and Nancy Stewart of Festival Management Group will share their expertise and experience with event producers from all over the world. Terra’s topic is “Double Your Event Excitement and Sponsor Sales through Social Media and Nancy will be one of six panelists participating in the discussion “For Better or For Worse: Event Sustainability & City Partnerships in Evolving Urban Markets”. Spero is the co-founder and CEO of RealTime Marketing Group, a boutique digital media agency that focuses on leveraging social media to amplify events’ current marketing and increase sponsorship revenue. Spero is backed by a team of social media strategists and developers who collectively manage a social reach of over 100 Million users on a monthly basis. Spero’s passion for relationship development and focus on results have been responsible for her firm’s national and international social media awards in the event industry. And more importantly, her team’s integration of social media on numerous events has resulted in events that have had the highest attendance in their history. Spero’s success in this industry is largely attributed to her passion, dedication, and perseverance. However, she is the first to say, that her success in the event industry is largely attributed to working with incredible people who produce incredible events…then using her team’s experience to share those events with the world. Stewart has always been very involved in the community in which she works and lives and has passion, drive and devotion that is more a labor of love than mere labor. Through her business and volunteer involvement in the community, she got immersed into the festival business and created the Annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest. 20 years later the event that put them on the map (Delray Beach Garlic Fest) is well-known across the country and her company now produces four of the ten largest events in Delray Beach (Garlic Fest, Bacon & Bourbon Fest, Wine & Seafood Fest, Delray Affair). She manages sponsorship sales, advertising, design and marketing for the festivals and events she is partnered with and attributes her success to her resourcefulness, being a task master and her gift for problem solving! She and her husband John Franczak live, work and play in Delray Beach. IFEA’s 60th Annual Convention & Expo is presented by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance and will be held in Tucson, Arizona, this month from September 21 – 23.