Local Delray Mom Receives Shark Tank Deal For Boca Business


Staff report
Sarah Blaine has been sending kids messages from the North Pole for years. This Christmas season her wish was fulfilled when she was offered a deal from one of the investors on the popular TV show Shark Tank.
Sealed by Santa started 11 years ago. Blaine, obsessed with all things Christmas, created a business where parents can send a custom letter to their kids directly from Santa and the North Pole. The letters are shipped to the North Pole for the official postmark and include special Santa seal, personalized note and notification if the child made it on the “Nice List.” There are also gift packages available with Santa’s favorite hot chocolate and an ornament pack made by one of Santa’s elves.
Blaine aired on Shark Tank last month where she pitched for an investor to join the company for a 25 percent stake in the business. She has plans to expand the business to include letters from the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.
She walked out with a deal from the QVC Queen Lori Greiner that included $150,000 which $75,000 is a loan and Greiner received 22.5 percent of the company.
Blaine said she knew she was walking out of the tank with a deal and she wanted it to be with Greiner.
She said the day Shark Tank called her to be on the show was the best and worst day of her life. She was getting divorced and then the phone rang with the opportunity to be on show.
“I was in the middle of a crazy time in my life,” she said. “I was getting divorced, selling my house, it was the best and worst day of my life.”
She said the 10 minutes that aired on the show doesn’t begin to explain the experience of being in the tank.
“I was in the tank for an hour and 20 minutes,” she said. “That breaks down to 10 minutes and they are going to play what makes good TV.”
She said Mark Cuban was nice and her and Kevin O’Leary bantered back and forth about the business, which wasn’t aired.
“They drill you,” she said. “But the whole experience was positive. Going into it I knew whatever happened happened, but this is my sole business. I really went in knowing I wasn’t leaving without this deal.”
The impact she didn’t know she would have was on people who are also going through divorce. She said the weekend after the show aired she received hundreds of emails from people who were touched by her experience with divorce.
“I touched all these people and it has bene the best experience to read all their comments,” she said.
With the deal, she said she will be busy launching letters from the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy this year.
To send your own memorable letter from Santa or to learn more about the company and its offerings, visit www.sealedbysanta.com.