Local Delray tattoo artist pivots to pet portraits during coronavirus

Commission a pet portrait by Rebecca Loveless.

By: Marisa Herman

Associate Editor 

When Rebecca Loveless had to shut the doors to her tattoo shop due to the coronavirus she focused her time on a passion she didn’t have much time for before, painting.

The owner of Tradition Tattoo in Delray Beach has a bachelor of fine arts and has always enjoyed painting. But, she never had time to make a business out of it.

With the tattoo shop shuttered for the time being, she began spending her newly found free time painting pet portraits.

So far, she has sold seven portraits of pups. 

“It’s my only income right now,” she said. “It’s become my full-time job.” 

The sales are helping her cover the cost of her rent for the tattoo shop.

She spends about six hours a day working on a painting. Each painting has about 20 hours of work on it.

“I really like doing them,” she said. “They are super fun.” 

She said she puts her canvasses in the window of the shop. Neighborhood kids see what she is working on when they are out for fresh air.

She offers three sizes small, medium and large priced $250, $300 and $450. Dog owners can send her three photos of their pooch for her to work off of. The small size is a 16 by 20 inch canvas and the large is 30 by 40 inch. 

If you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait, contact Loveless on Facebook or Instagram at @lifeofloveless