Local Doctor Volunteers Services In Panama City


By: Brett Pizzi Contributing Writer

Bringing healthy thoughts and healthy bodies to Panama City, Dr. Marilyn Shore and 49 other chiropractors from around the globe helped stretch and adjust 49,000 individuals in just five days.

Going all over the city, the chiropractors set out in groups of ten to help those throughout the city. Adjusting from infants to the elderly, and even the president of the country, their group was on a mission to bring happiness to the country.

Dr. Shore and her group went to the central school for special need children. Her and her chiropractors adjusted the necks of the children and their families. Dr. Shore described the upper neck as being the most important area to stretch.

“The first two bones of the spine attach to the brain stem,” Dr. Shore said. “This relates to the immune system and mood. 99.9 percent of the population has stress there.”

After stretching the children with disabilities, Shore described how parents would come back to her and her group and how the change in mood was almost night-and-day. She recounted how the children would be smiling, and generally in a much happier mood than before.

While not the first mission trip that has been organized for this group, it is Dr. Shore’s first time returning to Panama City in 20 years.

The love, joy and overall happiness that she witnessed was something that she believes was special about Panama City. The individuals were very open to the chiropractors and receptive to the practice.

“We get so wrapped up in our daily stresses we forget what were really here for,” Dr. Shore said.

Arriving back home in Delray Beach, Dr. Shore noticed a much happier, lighter air around herself. She knew the work she had done with the people of Panama City meant so much to them, and in turn the love she felt for them, she felt herself.

“It’s amazing when you have so much love in your heart, the miracles that can manifest,” Dr. Shore said. “The people in Panama gave that to me.  In serving, I was served so much more. And I am so grateful.”