Local Hair Tie Company Aims To Eliminate Creases, Tension Headaches With Spiral Hair Ties


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Polly Brady wanted a faster way to transition from jogging around her neighborhood to getting ready to go out to dinner with her husband.

One of the things standing in her way was her hair.

Tired of hair ties that left dents, creases or ripped out her hair, she said she knew she wanted to come up with a product that could help decrease her getting ready time and eliminated the tangles in her hair.

So, she took a spiral hair tie already on the market and decided she would make it better.

“How can we make it better than the best?” she said was the thought process behind her new company.

So from her West Boca home, she created My Favorite Hair Tie and everything that came with it: the brand, located a supplier, made packaging, found users to test the product and launched the website, social media and began fulfilling orders.

She said she studied the best material, grip, tension, coil and colors. She came out with two lines, an active and an everyday. Both are offered in different colors including clear, white, black, brunette and blonde and are eco-friendly.

The first sale was in July.

The active line is meant to be worn during workouts and for shorter periods of time that involve high endurance. She said your hair will stay up the entire duration of  your workout.

The every day line can be worn all day in the office, to sleep and for every day activities for longer periods of time. The hair ties work on all types of hair.

“It’s a sleek brand and fashion forward” she said.

Packages are translucent and showoff the hair tie. One side has a message that says, “Hey Gorgeous, Throw your hair up and show us how you attack the day.”

She said it is all about empowering and uplifting women.

In addition to creating a product to solve her hair woes, she wanted to incorporate a way to give back. She found Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit in Ohio, that supplies kids with medical hair loss with a free human hair wig, and knew she wanted to help.

She reached out to the organization and they immediately agreed to partner. Brady has a background in digital marketing so she promotes the nonprofit through her web presence. But she goes further than online shoutouts to help. For every My Favorite Hair Tie purchase someone makes, she sends the nonprofit a box of hair ties to accompany the wigs.

She also shares how her customers can donate their ponytails to the nonprofit. She said 16 ponytails are used to make one wig. That wig costs about $1,800 and the kid in need receives it for free.

A package of hair ties costs $9.99 for the every day and $11.99 for the active line. Nine hair ties come in a package. They can be purchased online at myfavoritehairtie.com and there is no cost for shipping.

Ultimately, she said her goal is to get My Favorite Hair Tie into retail stores, continue supporting charities and grow the brand.

She said more colors will be introduced in February with a line for kids and for red heads.

For more information or to purchase My Favorite Hair Tie, visit  myfavoritehairtie.com