Local jewelry store featured on TV show


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
If you’re tuning into the fourth season of Married at First Sight on FYI, you may have seen a local jewelry store.
Delray Beach’s Gregory’s Fine Jewelry was selected as the jeweler to provide weddings bands for the three men and three women, who literally meet each other at the altar to get married.
Owner of the store Gregory Fried said he didn’t watch the show before he was asked to participate.
“We had no idea personally what the show was about,” he said. “We Googled it real quick and I was like well this looks really dysfunctional, this is really cool, we so have to do this.”
The adventure began one night at BurgerFi in Coral Springs. Fried said it was a rare occasion where yoga-loving wife was craving protein. While grabbing a burger, Fried said he ran into a former classmate of his. While they were talking, he met her son-in-law, who was a photographer.
A few days later, he got a call from the show. The photographer was helping with the show and they show asked him if he knew a jeweler who may want to participate in the show.
He was featured on the first episode, which aired at the end of July. He said he provided three diamond eternity bands for the women and gave the women three options of wedding bands to select for their future husbands.
“It’s very secretive,” he said of the filming process, which began in January. “It’s completely anonymous until the big day.”
He said participants no knowing about their future spouse until they get to the altar. He said the producers would monitor any conversations the participants had with the jeweler and would cut off any topic that may reveal too much information. All they knew was the size of their spouse’s finger, he said.
“This is e-Harmony or J-Date 2.0,” he said. “It’s more nerve wracking than the Bachelor or Bachelorette.”
When they walked in they would explain they were on the show, which is considered a social experiment.
“Each contestant is fishing for questions,” he said. “They truly are excited and nervous, but at the end of the day they are looking for love.”
Participants are selected if a therapist who reviews their bios and a questionnaire feels they can be a match to someone. Two couples from season one are still together.
They are provided with a wedding, bachelor and bachelorette party and wedding rings.
Once they are married, they are whisked off on a honeymoon where they are filmed by camera crews. Once they return, they live together in a place provided by the show for six weeks.
Once the six weeks are over, they meet with the therapist who matched them and discuss if they want to pursue the marriage or have it annulled.
After meeting the participants, Fried said, “They all are looking for love. If they can find love they are looking to be married.”