Local photographer shares art of photography with students


By: Marisa Gottesman
Associate Editor
Local Delray Beach photographer Jane Busker is sharing her talents with the next generation of picture takers.
She carves out time to teach photography to students at Carver Middle School and the Milagro Center. For three years, she has helped aspiring picture takers learn how to express themselves through the art of a camera lens.
When she found out she had a student in one of her three groups without arms she had to get creative. She said she didn’t want the student, who lost his arms during a childhood illness, to feel left out.
“I had this idea,” she said. “To get a cable release.”
She said she sent an email to a group based in the United Kingdom that helps people with disabilities take photos.
She ended up writing to a company called Conceptus, which makes bite releases for skydivers to take photos. She wrote I have this child in my class and can you help.
Instantly, she said she received an email back stating they company would be willing to make a prototype of a cable release for free.
She said she remembers thinking, “This is just amazing.”
He uses the camera release to take photos alongside his classmates.
“Every time he tries to do something different he shows me he doesn’t need his arms,” she said.