Local Tech Leader to Speak at Chief Innovation Summit


BOCA RATON, FL – Local technology leader and athlete, Michelle Bazargan of Boca Raton, is heading to the Big Apple to speak at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in New York City this month. In her address, Bazargan will explore how culture, environment, talent and leadership fosters creativity and innovation and why re-invention, change and competing against yourself can turn passion into market differentiation, even in large enterprises. Driven by her passion for innovation, transformation, technology and people, Bazargan spoke at the first annual Ted Talk Boca Raton, where she discussed her personal family story of re-invention. As a child, she was forced to emigrate from Iran with her family, escaping from the country’s revolution and turmoil. That experience built a foundation of drive and perseverance, and served as a reminder that “necessity is the mother of invention.” In her Ted Talk, she covered the “why” behind all of the technology around us. According to Bazargan, “Technology is a tool meant to connect us, not disconnect us. In order to keep the cycle of creativity spinning, we cannot lose the value of deep human connection, because without it, we might as well become robots.” The local athlete also brings communities together through online and grass-roots health/ fitness programs and events that inspire and motivate people to achieve personal fitness goals. “We all have amazing creativity and innovation inside of us,” Bazargan said. “What brings it out is your environment and those that you connect with that inspire you and bring out your best. So let’s not lose the basics of passion, empathy and connection that drive inspiration and creativity.”