Local Wealth Management Firm Creates Hands on Learning Experience at Private University


On February 27th a semester of hard work and academic research culminated when a cohort of MBA students from Lynn University presented their case study to be graded by their professor Dr. Jose Lopez, constituents, and a panel of Wealth Management professionals led by Jeremy Office, Principal of Maclendon Wealth Management in Delray Beach. At the beginning of the semester Dr. Lopez had his syllabus all mapped out for his students until he was approached by Thomas Kruczek, the Dean of the College of Business, with a unique opportunity to bring real world experience into the classroom. Previously, Jeremy Office, a Lynn PhD graduate, contacted Dean Kruczek with the idea of doing a case study on his business. He said that he wanted to begin marketing Maclendon Wealth Management, but he could not find convincing data that justified the use of social media as a promotional platform for a financial services company. They both agreed this would be a strong case study for Dr. Lopez’s MBA students. Dr. Lopez embraced the idea and informed his students that they should scrap the syllabus he previously provided and instead prepare for a real life case study. That week, Office spoke to the MBA students about the financial services industry, his Wealth Management practice, and the challenges that the industry faces when marketing to the super affluent. The group was then tasked with determining the appropriate marketing mix for Maclendon and the tangible economic value that would be attained through their proposed social media strategy. This task was particularly difficult because the class had to apply their case study specifically to the Wealth Management industry, which has tight regulatory controls on marketing and social media. The class was divided into sub-groups that were assigned different marketing mediums such as: traditional print advertising, internet marketing, social media, events etc. They were given six weeks to research, administer surveys, and collect market data to build their case. The more compelling their case, the higher the grade they received in the course. Office and his team were invited back to the last class to observe as the sub-groups presented their recommendations to the panel for grading. The MBA students used linear programing techniques to determine the ROI on social media and recommend a compelling marketing mix tailored to Maclendon and their industry, proving that affluent investors are in fact using social media to make financial decisions. Office commented: “I am delighted at the quality of the work from these students. It speaks to the education they are receiving and the gap that innovation is narrowing between experience and education. As a business owner, it is imperative that we engage the next generation of business leaders through direct involvement in these real world applications so they are better prepared for tomorrow.” Be on the lookout for Maclendon’s implementation of the ideas presented by the Lynn students. Maclendon Wealth Management: Founded by one of the most accredited wealth managers in the country, Maclendon Wealth Management is a boutique multifamily office that caters to the unique needs of select high net worth families, athletes, entrepreneurs and businesses. Built on the foundation of traditional values, sophisticated knowledge, and custom-tailored wealth management solutions; they strive to be a trusted partner to their members and guide them every step of the way along their financial journey of life. www.maclendon.com.