Look Into My Eyes


By Ronna L. Clements The Pineapple Contributing Writer If I could look into your eyes without ever having met you before, and say something about the state of your health that you knew in fact was true, would you be intrigued? Upon looking into your eyes, if I stated you tended to be a nervous person who seemed to have many worries on your mind and, in fact, that were true, would you be curious? Would you be further curious if I stated you seem to be developing heightened anxiety? I don’t know if you’d be intrigued or curious; however, I do know that the eyes never lie. They reflect back to the world what is within and share with others the unspoken truth. Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris of the eye to gain valuable health information. It is “the study of the iris, particularly of its color, markings, changes, and intricate details that lie within it.” You may be surprised to learn that the idea of Iridology, if not its practice, is nearly 2000 years old. The idea is found in the bible where in the book of St. Matthew it reads: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” In Hungary, in the late nineteenth century, Iridology was “rediscovered” by two men, Dr. Ignatz von Peczely and Reverand Nils Liljequist, who both share the title “Father of Iridology.” The stories of how these two individuals discovered iris analysis is quite amazing and can be of further interest to those who choose to research this topic in more depth after reading this article. To move on, the iris surrounds the pupil and can be thought of as a halo encircling it. It is a rainbow because of its color. The iris is what we see in our mind when we think of beautiful eye color. Your iris is your personal rainbow and reveals fascinating information about the state of your health. And so, your health story begins in the eye. The iris is a colorful story of your body and your unique personal rainbow. Each eye is unique within itself and shows different markings, coloring, and clarity. An Iridologist is someone who has been taught how to look at the iris of the eye to help understand an individual’s state of health and to associate the markings of that eye with any symptoms. Iridology is a holistic healing art; hence, Iridologists engage in holistic healing which takes into consideration the whole person. They don’t treat disease; they treat people. Diseases can be dealt with scientifically; people are better dealt with artfully. This philosophy recognizes that the pain in your neck may be your boss at work. Holism considers the importance of 99 percent of you on the other end of your injured finger. An Iridologist must be able to exercise mental faculties that are not accessed through cold, scientific methodology. The Iridologist’s thinking must be broader – they are holistic thinkers. It is the Iridologist who recognizes that the eye is the light of the body. To the degree that the iris is healthy, whole, pure and perfect, the health of the body will be too. Many years ago when I discovered what the eyes can reveal, I found the subject matter nothing short of exciting. I was so captivated with the information that I decided to study this healing art and became a certified Iridologist from a leading school; The International Institute of Iridology in Waynesville, SC. As a trained Iridologist, I can look into your eyes, the windows of your soul, and be able to see if you are the nervous type as stated above. Jagged nerve wreaths surrounding your pupil would be present which could be causing a multitude of problems within the body. Iridology is so fascinating that it is known to be able to detect significant weaknesses in organs, glands and tissues before physical symptoms appear or before blood work tests show negative results. The eye reveals physical weaknesses which, through proper nutrition and the use of herbs, can heal over time before severe problems arise within the body. So Look Into My Eyes and tell me what you see. You’ll see that my personal rainbow is full of light. Is yours? Ronna Clements is a Natural Health & Wellness Innovator who has been helping people lead healthier lives for over 25 years. She is a graduate of Springfield College and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. Ronna is also a Certified Specialist in Cellular Regeneration & Detoxification, Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy and Iridology. Ronna can be reached at: ronnaclements@aol.com or 561-632-9187 www.theprogrambyronna.com