Look Up in 2015!


Recently the media has started to cover the “new?” news that looking down at your cellphones and other electronic gadgets can cause “text/tech neck and pain. The real truth and “old!” news is that if you spend your day looking down and twisted at your phone, pad or laptop, looking down hating your body and/or your life, and hardly breathing healthy oxygen because of these unhealthy choices, you will not function at your highest, peaceful, happiest, healthiest potential! Choose to Look Up in 2015! Tech/Text Neck is a silent disease; and you may be suffering and not have any pain at all. This habit of looking down all the time can cause pressure on very important nerves that control most of your organs and cells. These Unhealthy postures are silently killing you and your children and disempowering your life force and your ability to thrive. The Looking Up Foundation, Inc. is a Public Charity, Grass Roots Movement created in Delray Beach, and is dedicated to teaching all to Look Up at Life, to Look Up at technology and to Dance the Breath of Life. We wish to wake up humanity and to start a new trend of looking up so that there will be less negative stress and more peace in our world. We are an entertaining educational movement that wants to spread this important information through songs, dances, comedy and videos. We have Fun Phone Fitness Classes and Parties and are having a great time Dancing it Up….Breathing it Up……and Laughing it Up! We invite you to join us in Looking Up in 2015. View the video at http://lookingupthemovement.com/2014/11/07/look-up-and-dance Please call 561-278-2224 for more information on “Phone Fitness” and how to create a happy healthy peaceful Nervous System, body and Life! Please visit and follow us at www.lookingupthemovement.org and enjoy learning why this is so important. We are seeking your support so that our youth can grow up healthy, and peaceful. Our toddlers need us to start a new trend and to Look Up as they are copying all that we do. Help us to start this new trend. So please, Look Up and Dance the Breath of Life in 2015!