Love and Fear Have Coffee


When we consider all the decisions that we’ve made in our lifetimes, I would bet that most (if not all) of them can be traced directly back to either love or fear. For example, a decision to accept a certain job, get in or out of a relationship , buy a car, or make a phone call you’ve been dreading; they all come down to two powerful emotions, love or fear. As an experiment, I wondered what it would sound like if we gave each of them a voice of their own and had them sit down for a conversation with each other. Maybe sit down for cup of coffee and talk shop for a bit. Our story takes place in theory. In this case,” Theory” is a local coffee shop in Downtown Delray Beach. The emotions, Love and Fear, are our two main characters, and each have agreed to sit down together and discuss the nuances of their relationship with each other, and “in their own opinion” why they affect our lives so strongly. Fear: Hello, Love. Love: How are we Fear? Fear: Oh, you know, the usual, just bringing out the best in people. And you my dear? Love: I’m doing great, a bit busier these days steering people away from your rhetoric, but hey, somebody has too. Fear: (laughs) Do you mean to tell me that the “great Love” has it in for me? Aren’t you, well…Love? Love: Don’t misunderstand me, Fear, I can still love you, but not agree with what you do. Fear: Ahh, I see, you think you would be better off without me? Love: I’m pretty sure the whole universe would be better off without you. Fear: Oh Love, I always thought we were on the same team, how would they appreciate you without me. I break em you fix em. Love: That’s where you’re wrong, it’s not about breaking and fixing. It’s about loving, learning, teaching and expanding people. Love is continuous, not earned. You created the misconception of earning me. Fear: So, explain this to me, Love, when a person sees a flame how do they know not to put their hand in it? Who directs them not to swim with sharks? Oh I know …me Love: Great con men have always used a little bit of truth and a lot of lies. Your sole purpose is that form of protection. However, that has clearly passed your level of satisfaction. Fear: How would the people evolve if I wasn’t here? This is a world of tough lessons, and many of those lessons are brought to you by yours truly. Love: I see. So you’re saying that you are the gatekeeper to peoples’s salvation? Fear: Yes, actually that sounds about right. Love: Huh, I wonder how many people have fallen for your manipulative ways? Fear: Plenty…they chose to believe in me. They always had a choice between you and me Love: How about the ones that weren’t strong enough to ignore you? The ones who never had a chance at me because of you? Fear: Don’t you understand, Love, without the darkness there is no light. Love: That may be true, but here are many differences between me and you and we will let the people decide. Love: LOVE IS HONEST (fear is deceitful), LOVE TRUSTS (fear suspects), LOVE FORGIVES (fear blames), LOVE IS KIND (fear is angry), LOVE IS AN ELIXIR (fear is a poison), LOVE DREAMS (fear schemes), LOVE BELIEVES (fear deceives). A waiter comes up to the table with a pad and a pen. An attractive woman in a red dress looks up. Waiter: Just you today Ma’am? Love:(smiles) (Pauses)..Yes just me Love is Real. Fear is an illusion ….. Goodbye, Fear. Write me at: or call 561-929-8905