Luxury Lifestyle Living: How to attract the autumn buyer


By Linda Albright Special to The Pineapple Autumn is a great time of year to sell your luxury home and here are a few suggestions to attract qualified buyers. Create the Autumn Curb Appeal The most popular autumn flowers are chrysanthemums and marigolds. Both mums and marigolds are available in yellow, which is a home selling color. Plant the flowers in your flower beds, along the sidewalks and in flower pots placed by the front and garage doors. Add various sizes of pumpkins in an arrangement with the flowers. It is very inviting and welcoming to buyers. Dress the Windows Rain and wind over the summer months may make your windows dusty and streaked. To sell a home, your windows need to be sparkling inside and out. Give Your Home a Cozy Smell Fall brings back childhood memories and Thanksgiving dinners for many. So maximize your property’s “homey” feelings this time of year. Some creative ideas to create the “homey” feeling is a kettle of simmering spiced cider on the stove, a plate of freshly baked pumpkin cupcakes or snickerdoodle cookies ready to serve those buyers! A small dish filled with cinnamon sticks with whole cloves adds to the aroma of “home”. Prop open a cookbook to a recipe of vegetable beef stew with the dining table set for two and they will want to stay. Use Seasonal Decorations Utilize the bright, happy colors of Fall throughout the property. Place a bowl of bright red apples on the counter, create an autumn centerpiece for your dining table. Throw a quilt or autumn color throw across a sofa or chair. Place an autumn wreath on your front door which makes your home more cozy and warm. Maximize Lighting Shorter days and less-intense sunlight need good interior lighting more important than ever when showing a home during the Fall season. Open all the blinds and drapes and turn on all the lights, interior and exterior. Potential buyers like to drive by at different times, so have your home shine 24/7. Happy Thanksgiving. For additional tips and information, please contact Linda Albright, Luxury Home Specialist, Nestler Poletto Sotheby’s International Realty at 561-400-5863 or email: