Luxury Lifestyle Living: Keep Your Home a “Hot” Commodity!


By Linda Albright Special to The Pineapple After a hectic Holiday season, the real estate market in South Florida is in full swing! If your home has been on the market for quite some time, it might have become “stale” and less interesting to qualified buyers. So how do you make your luxury home a “Hot” Commodity again? It’s time to take action and shift course! Dramatically reducing the price or overcoming some major obstacle that’s been preventing the sale might be what’s needed to sell your home. If you received lower offers early on but weren’t ready to accept them, or you keep hearing there are issues with how your property shows, this is a good time to show the market you’re listening and are serious about selling. The motivated buyer, desperate for good inventory, will notice you and take a look. As a luxury real estate consultant, I offer a luxury home marketing consultation and offer suggestive advice to showcase your property in the best light. Today’s Buyers never stop looking online! Today, serious buyers are always looking because of our fast-pace, hectic lifestyles. Many serious buyers work hard and are constantly monitoring the real estate market. Many sellers believe buyers can’t be bothered to look for a home during the holiday season. At the same time, sellers who’ve had their homes on the market often take them off during the holidays. The net effect is that inventory for good homes, priced properly often tightens this time of year. So there is less competition for sellers, at a time when motivated buyers are out there lookingand no doubt wishing there were more properties to see. For more helpful tips, please contact me for your customized luxury market consultation. Luxury Lifestyle Living: Keep Your Home a “Hot” Commodity! For additional tips and information, please contact Linda Albright, Luxury Home Specialist, Nestler Poletto Sotheby’s International Realty at 561-400-5863 or email: