MaasMedia Helps to Rebrand Downtown Delray Beach


DELRAY BEACH, FL. – MaasMedia, a full service Advertising Agency, helped revitalize Downtown Delray Beach Florida with “Night & Day Downtown Delray” campaign. The Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) needed a catalyst to spark Downtown Delray Beach re- branding efforts. Enter MaasMedia. With their years of experience, the MaasMedia creative team immediately rolled-up their sleeves and embedded themselves in the trenches, with DDA to take on the re-branding challenges. The campaign was developed to promote the shops, art galleries, museums, unique shops, and hotels in Downtown Delray Beach.

Marjorie Ferrer – Executive Director of Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority said, “It uniquely describes who we are and what our town delivers to the consumer. We were voted “Most Fun Small Town” this year by Rand McNally and USA Today!” MaasMedia’s ad campaign has positively affected the economy of Downtown Delray Beach. Ferrer added, “MaasMedia has been building our brand for several years. Our streets are bustling with people. One would never know there was a recession in our country by visiting Downtown Delray Beach and they have played a strategic part of our marketing plan.” MaasMedia faced the challenge of developing new messaging, a logo, and tagline, to support Downtown Delray Beach’s vibrant culture. As a result, MaasMedia developed the brand identity “Night & Day Downtown Delray. We’re Just What You Need! For our Village by the Sea.” In addition, MaasMedia was tapped to work with the Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square, formerly known as the Old School Square Cultural Arts Center, on its re-branding efforts. The creative team was challenged to promote the new name, four disciplines and facilities without damaging community’s relationship with the existing Arts Center. “The MaasMedia team has been invaluable to us as we transitioned our 20-year old brand to a new name with an exciting, new look,” says Melissa Carter, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Delray Beach Center for the Arts. She added “From brand consultation, to design of first-class collateral and advertising, MaasMedia has guided us through the process, and it’s been a pleasure.”

Agency co-founder Phyllis Maas noted, “We felt strongly from the start that the new campaign should introduce the organization’s new logo, name change, new web address, and visually indicate the four disciplines within the Center. It was important to keep the individual facility names apparent so existing supporters would see that it is the same organization, but with a fresh, strategically designed brand identity. As part of the brand development we created the statement, “a total art’s experience,” to reinforce the unique multi-art experiences that are offered at a single cultural arts center. This is unusual for south Florida, as we have individual art centers that might offer a few disciplines, but to offer four at one location is truly unique.” MaasMedia is powered by husband and wife duo, Franz and Phyllis Maas. They are a combination of old school care with new school flair. Everything produced by MaasMedia is custom-designed to meet the company’s needs, criteria, and budget. Phyllis Maas, who has over 30 years of agency experience noted, “Client care is a lost art nowadays, but that’s integral to building quality campaigns. We become an extension of our clients. We work with them as if we are in a room down the hall. We are not afraid of hard work.” For more information on MaasMedia, visit