Mayor Cary Glickstein invites everyone to sign up now for ‘Delray Reads Day’


Delray Beach’s “Campaign for Grade Level Reading” team is looking for people to take part in the 2nd annual “Delray Reads Day.” This great event sends community members of all ages into every elementary school in our city where they read to kids. It’s a short amount of time that goes a long way to help boost 3rd grade reading scores in our community. Give us an hour of your day. I promise you will enjoy it as much as the kids! ‘Delray Reads Day’ takes place November 13th. The deadline for signing up is Thursday and we have limited spots to fill. Before the reading event, a breakfast for participants will be held at Toussaint L’Overture High School, featuring keynote speaker Byron Garret, chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance and former CEO of the National PTA. To volunteer, visit: For more information, contact Janet Meeks at 561-243-7231 or