Meet Your Seat 4 Candidate: Josh Smith

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your age, how long you have lived in Delray, where you live, your profession, your family.
    I’ve lived in Delray Beach for 51 years, and I reside in the Chatelaine neighborhood.  I taught Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry starting at the segregated Carver High School, then at the integrated Atlantic High School.  I earned my Doctorate degree from F.A.U. in 1981.  I coached and taught for seventeen years and was an administrator for fifteen years and eventually retired as a principal.
  2. Why are you running for office?
    Having taught children from all parts of Delray, rich and poor, of all colors, I have a unique insight into the richness of our diversity and the strength it gives us.  Although a minority, I will represent the interests of our city in its entirety, not just one segment of our city.
  3. What are the top three issues you want to address in the city if elected?
    (A)  The Sober House debacle, which increases crime and places strain on our Police and Fire Departments.  They respond to multiple overdoses every day in Delray at great cost to the stability of neighborhoods and cost to the taxpayers.
    (B)  Public Safety has become a concern of residents throughout the city.  As Delray has grown, there is greater need to control drugs, to assure safe traffic patterns and make walking and biking much safer than it is today.
    (C)For too long Delray has put off maintaining its infrastructure.  Our seawalls need attention.  Sidewalks need to be a priority in our western neighborhoods, especially near schools.  Alleys in some neighborhoods need to be paved.
  4. What do you see as Delray’s biggest challenge? What do you see as Delray’s biggest opportunity?
    Our biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity. We went through a very divisive national election.  People’s nerves are frayed. People are distrustful of one another. My campaign is based on unifying the residents of Delray. We must not set one neighborhood against another. My life has involved in bringing people together, and a united Delray will continue to prosper.