Mirimichi Green Express Presents Broken Sound Club With Inaugural Mirimichi Green Sustainable Program Member Award


Staff report

Boca Raton’s Broken Sound Club has been recognized for its green efforts again.

Mirimichi Green Express, co-owned by Justin Timberlake and Russ Britton, recognized Broken Sound Club for its commitment in sustainability stewardship and strides with its inaugural Mirimichi Green Sustainable Program Member Award.

In honor of Broken Sound Club’s eco-leadership, Mirimichi announced its donation of 1,600 pounds of Mirimichi Green’s environmentally driven CarbonizPN and four cases Liquid Release soil products to City of Boca Raton for use as it deems for its public green spaces.

According to Mirimichi Green Chief Executive Officer Russ Britton,  the club was selected as the company’s first award recipient because it serves as a defining “best practice” example of all that is dynamic and beneficial about leading golf course sustainability using Mirimichi’s products.

The Club uses Mirimichi soil, organic weed control and granular fertilizers that utilize bio-activated carbon, inoculated with high-nutrient organics that are designed for professionals who are committed to sustainable practices.

“Broken Sound Club is taking the golf industry in the right direction and exemplifying how natural and sustainable products can work better than the harsh alternatives,” Britton said. “We thank Broken Sound Club for including Mirimichi Green products in their efforts. Keeping the environment as a priority in any maintenance program is what we are all about and that is why we, at Mirimichi Green, would have presented this award.”

While there are carbon products on the market, BSC Director of Golf Maintenance Shannon Easter says the Mirimichi products feature a higher-quality, much cleaner and porous carbon that holds water, air and nutrients that are effectively absorbed by our plants. “We have not only found Mirimichi’s products to be of superior quality and benefit, but also they are affordably priced to support large golf course budgets, which in Broken Sound Club’s case annually supports more than 250 acres of club greens and landscaping.”