Music Jones


Jones – noun (a jones). Describes a state in which one experiences strong desire or attraction.

This name, MusicJones, (MJ) says a lot about him, as a desire for music is what has driven Andrew Penn since childhood. Raised in the church, MJ began on the drums at the age of 8 and knew from then that he should be making music. Andrews great grandparents were among the first Delray settlers in the early 1900’s. He attended Banyan Creek, Carver Middle School, and Atlantic High School before finding himself immersed in the recording arts at Full Sail in Orlando. I met MJ to learn more about him over a Miami Heat basketball game at a local Delray Beach eatery and between plays we really went in depth on what it takes to be a recording artist these days. “You have to be able to do it all to stay competitive.” He continues, “Full Sail was a great experience. I wanted to be able to do everything with music without needing to hire anyone for the process. I wanted to be a complete artist and my education there helped me to do that.” What he means is that by learning not only how to ply his craft, but also to record, market, and promote it as well, he would be a one man label, capable of being in control of his own product.
“It was there that I learned how important it is to give back”

After College, MJ went to work at the Boys and Girls Club while building his musical portfolio. “That was a really great experience for me, because it was there that I learned how important it is to give back. And even today it is a big part of what drives me.” His travels found him in Tallahassee, where he joined Lay-lo studios and worked as a production engineer for all of the big acts in the area for 5 years. After doing that for a while the “Jones” came back. “I realized that I had to be creating music, singing and writing.” After returning to Delray and collaborating with some of the best hip-hop and R&B acts in the business, MJ is back to creating. His latest creation “Believers”, is already garnishing quite a buzz and the video, directed by Ryan Snyder, will be ready for release later this month. Jones recently performed for a sold out crowd at Propaganda, and plans on releasing his first solo CD at the end of 2012. MJ currently spends his time producing and just signed a production agreement with Vanburen Court LLC. “I’ve learned that when you know what you are meant to do, you just do it, you can’t wait around for the perfect opportunity, you have to make it.” MJ is satisfying his Jones one project at a time, and helping others to do the same. Reach out to MusicJones at @musicjonesdrew Drew Tucker is the owner of Tucker Music Academy and the Education and Outreach Coordinator at Arts Garage. Connect with him at and @TuckerMusic101