Networking during the age of social distancing

Blanca and Marta point to a sign during a networking event. Submitted photo.

By: Diane Feen
Contributing Writer

If there is anyone who has experienced a boom with zoom it is Blanca Greenstein. The former lawyer, webcast maven and networking expert has made her way into many a living room since the pandemic came to town.

Greenstein was not always a virtual virtuosity. She started her networking prowess in Boca Raton at The Farmer’s Table last year. On Tuesday mornings businesspeople, life coaches and other experts got together to share their passion and insight with each other.

The social network umbrella called, “The Laws of Life with Blanca Greenstein,” casts a wide net. But the venue has changed. Now, experts from different fields such as fashion, health, marketing, business, love, relationships, and meditation share a virtual stage with Greenstein.

Experts help listeners and share their wisdom on the Laws of Life webcasts, radio program, networking groups and Facebook page. But make no mistake Greenstein is the social ingredient that brings out the magic in her guests.

Blanca Greenstein hosts virtual networking event. Submitted photo.

That’s what charms many in her networking zoom rooms. Each week  – Tuesdays at 11 a.m. and Wednesday at 7 p.m. – professionals from various industries meet and greet on her webcast. There is no charge to join and guests show up when the mood strikes them. Greenstein keeps the virtual ball rolling and seems to know how to extract the best in everyone present.

She learned this as a child – but has perfected it with time and a pandemic for inspiration. “My father was the Chief Medical Examiner for Broward County. That used to be an elected position so my dad (Joshua Perper) took me to networking events when I was only 11-years-old and told me to ‘go meet people,’” said the Pittsburg native.

Meeting people is one thing that Greenstein excels at, but she makes sure she shares the bounty. “My webcasts and networking groups have turned into a family. It actually made me realize that the true answer to happiness is building community and connecting with individuals who have the same passions and talents that you have.”

That talent is what lured True Oldies radio station manager Marty Sheehan in Greenstein’s direction.

The result of their union is the new radio show, “Fired Up with Blanca” on 95.9/106.9 FM. The show will highlight the “Laws of Life” experts and allow them to impart their wisdom to listeners. The show will harmoniously Zoom with Greenstein’s Webcasts, Live Facebook Page and Networking groups.

Guests on “The Laws of Life” webcasts are seeing the fruits of their labor on this booming zooming media landscape.

“The laws of life networking is a fabulous group of entrepreneurs with a common bond to create relationships and support each other. I met Dennis Paul at the laws of life networking, and now I’m the role model for his Chronic Wellness International. I’m representing an anti-aging line, Beleza by Vasayo,” said life coach Rochelle Schwartz, whose show, “Laws of Love” is on Tuesday’s at 10:30 am.

Greenstein’s talent in bringing people together (and letting them shine) in the social media sphere is akin to watching a plant grow in optimal fertilized soil. She welcomes everyone to her shows and seems to draw them out of their pandemic-driven isolation. Like a cheerleader she gets everyone on the team to share and score.

There is also an “Amazing Kids” webcast that highlights exceptional children, giving them the tools to unveil their genius to the world. The co-host is a teen herself (Talia Leibovici) and there is a co-producer and kids coach, Sharon Alcalay-Leibovici.

The Laws of Life webcasts are a zoom match made in heaven for adults and kids. “Zoom has made me realize how much easier it is to bring people together. You don’t have to drive and it’s convenient. I had a birthday party online last month and 26 people came virtually to celebrate. It’s the ultimate balance between mix, mingle and networking.”

Greenstein admits that it takes a lot of life experiences to become an expert on the laws of life. She enjoys being a tour guide to help others live an exciting fulfilled existence.

“I try to be a human GPS to help others navigate their path. This is my dream. I built a webcast network, a digital marketing company, a radio show, two networking groups, lost 70 pounds and a husband.”

You can’t beat that – even during a pandemic.

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