New Cheesy Options At New York Grilled Cheese


By: Shaina Wizov Contributing Writer

Grilled cheese might sound a simple sandwich made up of melted cheese in between two slices of bread, but there is nothing simple about the ooey-gooey waffle grill-marked melts made in the kitchen of New York Grilled Cheese.

After the first location proved totally successful in Wilton Manors, New York Grilled Cheese came onto the scene in Boca in 2016, on April 12th, which just so happens to be National Grilled Cheese Day. This trendy sandwich shop is known for its cheesy melt and waffle fry creations featuring ingredients like Applewood smoked bacon, panko-crusted chicken tenders, and of course, the cheesiest of cheeses.

But, there are grilled cheeses, and then there are NYGC waffled grilled cheeses. It’s those signature waffle grill marks stamping each melt that makes NYGC stand out among other sandwich shops.

There are 11 staple grilled cheeses on the menu, but every once in a while the team will grind out something fresh and new, available for a limited time. Right now, that “something new” is the FDNY melt, featuring slow-roasted beef brisket, ghost pepper and American cheeses, jalapeño aioli, shoestring potatoes and fried onions. If all that heat isn’t your thing, that’s quite alright — just let them know and you can swap out the spicy cheese for something more to your liking.

The FDNY melt’s counterpart is the FDNY fries, another speciality item that is currently joining the ten other waffle fry options on the menu for a limited time. These waffle fries also feature that same slow-roasted beef brisket and jalapeño aioli, as well as cheddar cheese and chopped chives.

Vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free guests have plenty of options too. The staff is more than eager to go above and beyond to create something special for guests if need be too. There’s even a vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, the size of an average person’s head, with crisp edges and a perfectly chewy center, just the way a good cookie should be.

Speaking of desserts, NYGC is not only known for its cheesiness, but its got a sweet spot too. The signature Sweet Bakes are made fresh, with a luscious housemade custard as the base. The current sweet bake special is extra sweet, featuring a hazelnut-chocolate custard, white chocolate, Oreo cookie crumbles, and Nutella and marshmallow sauces.

Every customer is treated like family at New York Grilled Cheese. Each staff member is personable, knowledgable about the brand, and always smiling. Not surprising… when you’re surrounded by cheese, how can you not smile?