New Exhibit ‘Seven Solos’ At Cornell Art Museum


Staff report

Immerse yourself in the newest Cornell Art Museum exhibit “Seven Solos.”

Featuring seven artists located in seven different galleries, the interactive display transports you out of reality and into the artist’s world, according to the museum’s curator Melanie Johanson.

“Everyone is going to want to go in these rooms, take pictures and share,” she said. “The whole show is going to be Instagram friendly.”

There is no common thread or theme to connect the seven artists. Instead, each gallery will be a different, immersive experience.

Guests are invited to play in the art, interact and take photos.

“No one is going to be similar at all,” Johanson said. “Each one is super different from the next one.”

The artists are all creating site-specific work that only be seen at the Cornell Art Museum.

Artists featured:

  1. Miya Ando (New York) – a meditative gallery complete with imagery of the ocean on

suspended fabric from the ceiling. In addition to these panels, Miya is creating two moons with 23K gold to express her love of the moon with the ocean. She describes the work as expressing “a connection between the moon and the tides.”

  1. Giannina Dwin (Miami) and Freddy Jouwaged (Miami) – collaboration with two artists, one who sculpts with salt and the other who creates projected film mapped to the space. They are focusing on water and ocean concepts as well.
  2. Jacob Fisher (New York) – an immersive room of light and string that guests are encouraged to walk through and look at from all angles.
  3. Frank Hyder (Miami) – installing multiple inflatable glowing sculptures that are larger than life and depict the two faces of Janus, a Roman god who symbolizes beginning and end in one.
  4. Shinduk Kang (South Korea) – a fabric covering around the gallery and adding a “heartbeat” inside of the parachute-like fabric that will glow and beat from within.
  5. Alex Trimino (Miami) – installing in the Atrium space and hanging a large neon and fabric piece from the second story ceiling that will hang through the opening to the first floor.
  6. Brookhart Jonquil (Miami) – a neon and mirrored room that features infinity mirrors and bright white neon.

The exhibit runs until Oct. 12. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Mondays, Sundays, and holidays. Admission is $8 (general); $5 (seniors 65+ and students with ID); free admission for children under 12, Old School Square members and veterans.

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