New Online Business Debuts in Delray


Squiggly Apparel, the nation’s newest and fastest growing for-cause clothing line, has launched its website( and is officially open for business. Created to be both fun and fashionable, Squiggly Apparel’s mission is to use its quirky style to support awareness of testicular cancer by stimulating conversation throughout the world. Every sale Squiggly Apparel makes results in a direct contribution to testicular cancer research organizations, awareness foundations or to directly support patients diagnosed with this destructive disease. For-cause brands are nothing new; however, Squiggly Apparel has positioned themselves with a product line that maintains a quality and style that differentiates them from your typical fund raiser. The explosive popularity of the “Squiggly” logo has people talking and that was the ultimate goal. Headquartered in Delray Beach, Squiggly Apparel ships worldwide and is beginning their expansion into retail outlets throughout the nation.