“Om” Wasn’t Built in a Day: Hurry-Up Shopping and the No Huddle Offense


By David Ramoy The night before the party my girlfriend still has no outfit. Regardless of the one year notice for the event and my insistence that her other outfits look more than fine, we find ourselves standing in a random boutique 10 minutes before they close. Four outfits were in her hand before submerging herself into the dressing room, each having a fighting chance to be graced before everyone’s presence. I sit in the non-man friendly pleather chair holding our dog Lulu and watch the remaining staff look at their watches eagerly waiting to leave. The tension is thick; 7 minutes till closing and still no sign of her. The only sounds heard are the shrapnel from cheap coat hangers hitting the floor, along with zippers fastening and unfastening. Lulu and I both look at each other in despair; 5 minutes left on the clock and the doors are being locked. The ladies are looking at the dog and me like we just kicked a bunny. Suddenly as if God himself came down and gave me a high five, I hear my girlfriend says those magical words every man yearns to hear…”This is the one!” Much like finding that perfect outfit under pressure and being forced to not over think a decision, this intuitive shopping approach can be applied to many areas of our lives. Take football for instance. There is a type of play called the “no huddle offense”. This usually occurs when the team with the ball has minutes left on the clock, the game on the line, and the only goal is to score by any means necessary. Let the record show, that some of the most thrilling comeback wins have been with a no huddle offense. Similar to my girlfriend’s shotgun shopping experience, and coming out with a damn nice dress I might add, she had no time to overthink the situation. Her only goal was to get an outfit quickly before the store closed, and an outfit she got! So how can we apply hurry-up shopping and no huddle offense to our everyday lives? Give Yourself Less Options Let’s face it, we all make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis, ranging from what to eat for breakfast to who to marry. However, much like the no huddle, setting your intention on one goal at a time can help you get the best use of your time and energy. Most of us tend to bite off more than we can chew, resulting in sub-par results. When we make a conscious decision to take on less, and put forth all our energy into one or two things, we become much more productive. Give Me a Deadline or Give Me Death The ancient corporate art of setting a deadline to finish a project can work wonders in your life if you’re able to master it. Building a habit of not thinking and just doing, combined with a no ifs, and’s or buts timeframe will keep you focused and accountable. Making a plan to stick with this deadline, no matter what, is one of the most powerful decisions you can make! In The Beginning…There Was Discipline “Knowing is not enough, we must apply.Willing is not enough, we must do.” – Bruce Lee All the theories and bullet points on how to make a better decision get thrown out the window without discipline. Maybe you think you’re not the most disciplined person, well I’m here to tell you its more than possible! I recommend sacrificing a vice you enjoy and fight the urge to give in. Start small, even if it’s for a day and work your way up. Eventually your mental toughness will pay off in other areas of your life. Remember, willpower is a muscle; you strengthen that muscle with each positive decision you make. “Every journey begins with one single step” So there you have it. Shopping and football now have so much more in common! Check out David Ramoy’s website for class times and more. www.davidramoy.com Davidramoy@gmail.com