“Om’ Wasn’t Built In A Day: Life Is Art


By David Ramoy It is a crisp clear day in Delray Beach and you decide to go for a stroll . During your walk their is an art show downtown. All the tents are lined up with different types of art, each looking more unique than the next. One tent in particular peaks your interest, and the guy sitting inside look incredibly familiar. He’s sitting on a chair wearing a Yankee’s hat and sunglasses reading a magazine. As you approach the tent, strangely the pieces of art seem to have a direct connection to your own likes and interests. There even appears to be a picture that resembles your childhood school, and another almost identical to the neighborhood where you grew up. The man inside side nods to you and introduces himself, “everyone calls me Buddy and let me know if you have any questions.” There is a comfortable feeling about buddy, as you nod to him and continue to observe the art. You then approach one particular painting. The painting is of a man who looks sad and unkempt sitting in the corner of a bar holding his drink. There is nobody around him and he appears lost in thought. Looking to the right, there’s another painting displayed of a family at the beach watching a sunset. At the center of the painting is a man beaming with confidence, looking healthy and happy. You hear a voice come from behind you asking if you see anything you like? Coming out of your fixated stare, you say: “I like this one.” Buddy looks at you with no expression, and then inquisitively asks “why not the one of the man in the bar?” As if it was obvious , the answer “it just feels right” comes out of you mouth. Buddy smirks and says “that’s a good choice but why do you think it feels right?” You explain that the man at the beach looks happy with his life, and the man in the bar seems sad and alone. Pausing for a moment, you look closer at the paintings and realize they are pictures of the same man reflecting different lives. Buddy smirks as if he could read your mind, “exactly.” He goes on to tell you that the paintings are of the same man, and what makes them different were his choices. All of our choices in life determine whether we want to be the man in the bar or the man at the beach. Buddy looks at you, puts his hand on your shoulder and says “at some point in our lives we have to ask ourselves which person we want to be, and then we need to make a decision on how to get there. Everything here in this tent is you, from the past to your present, and your future is yet to be determined. I am here to encourage you to go boldly in the direction of what feels right, and stay clear of which path feels wrong.” A bit confused you ask what about mistakes “nobody is perfect,” Buddy reply’s, “we are allowed to make as many mistakes as we like, with each mistake, it becomes clearer which path you should be on. At some point we all have to determine who we truly want to become in life, and go boldly into that direction. If one path continues to not bring you joy, then it is time to consider what does. There is a moment of silence as you begin to look around the tent, seeing replicas of different points in your life, places you been, and people you met along the way. Suddenly you realize who Buddy is. Buddy is your conscious, and for a brief moment you decided to listen. By listening to Buddy, you were able figure out that you are the artist. Each choice is like a stroke of the paint brush creating the masterpiece of your life. You are the Picasso of your own life. The scenery, people, relationships and surroundings you bring into your world are based on conscious decisions. If your painting is not the masterpiece you want, simply pick up the brush and begin again. That is the beauty of life, that is the beauty of art. Feel free to visit my Power Vinyasa Flow class at The United States of Fitness Wed 7:30p-8:30p Sunday 12p-1:30p Please check out my Facebook page! Go With The Flow Yoga Or feel free to contact me directly at Davidramoy@gmail.com