TV or not TV? That is the Question


I click on my Netflix, and tune in to my favorite TV show for a few episodes before bed. Sometimes one episode turns into two then three, and all of a sudden its 12:30 am. I become aware of my surrounding, realize I have work the next morning quite early and I just cut into some valuable sleep time. My girlfriend and I look at each other in desperation hoping the other breaks first so we can watch one more episode. The moment gets tense as we glance at each other then at that little Netflix sign that says play episode. I should just go to bed and get a semi good nights sleep? If I go to bed now I could go for that run I’ve been meaning to do, possibly make a smoothie, water the plant and even give those pants for work a little love from my iron. The possibilities are endless with what I could accomplish if I decide to shut it down and just go to sleep. Whatever, we go for it! The show is spectacular as expected, Game of Thrones has done it again my friend! We nod in approval of our decision despite the disparity of everything I planned on doing tomorrow. Now I am not sure if this describes everybody out there, but it certainly nails me down when I get sucked into a TV show that some creative geniuses and amazing actors collaborated for my entertainment purposes. However, what am I getting sucked into? Why in the world would I sacrifice valuable sleep and time for that matter? Could it be that my level of excitement and intensity is now coincided with a TV show I get so wrapped up in, I find myself getting angry at the characters, and even holding a grudge in some cases. Something isn’t right, I’m not right! Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I am a hard working productive man with ambitions and dreams. There are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to accomplish. However, when watching one of these amazing TV shows and being entertained on every level, I seem to forget each and every facet of my life because I am engulfed in a network drama. I begin to wonder If only there was a way I could bring that level of intensity to my own life! Now I get the fact that I am not going to slay someone with a sword or get into a gun fight, and yet I will actually tense up when watching one on TV. As compelling as the stories are, I have to ask myself how have I benefited from the time spent glued to the TV watching Olivia Pope save the White House yet again?! Now I am not trying to sound hypocritical, I will continue to watch a good TV show. I see nothing wrong with curling up on the couch and getting sucked into a good storyline. Yet like most things it needs to be done in moderation, and I now set rules for myself that compromise my need to spend time in a more balanced way. When my girlfriend and I first moved into our apartment, we didn’t have TV for the first three months. Neither one of us cared much for it in the past, and having one at our new place was not the top priority. Eventually we succumb to the idea of having a TV, and then expanded to Netflix, then Hulu, Amazon (etc),and you know how the rest of this story goes, as I am getting my leg grabbed to hurry up and finish this article so we can watch the show Scandal! But despite our shortcomings when it comes to just saying no to one more episode, we eventually agreed to watch TV certain nights during the week. This may all sound great in theory, and you might be saying to yourself, “I have absolutely no clue what to do with my time”? Well, I am here to tell you to get creative. Seriously just think outside the box. Take up a sport (there are even coed teams), a cooking class (learn to make that Souflee you have been putting off), learn to dance (self explanatory), go to yoga (cough, cough. . . like on Sundays and Wednesdays when I teach), learn an instrument, you get the point. If you’re a couple, make a deal with each other to surprise one another with something different each week, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something interesting! Try paddle boarding, do a boot camp (there everywhere), go for a beach walk. I can go on, but why bother when there is this magic button called Google, and you just have to type in “things to do”! Seriously you just have to type in those words. The point of this article is not to lecture you on not to watch TV. If you haven’t read between the lines yet (no pun), I love some of these new shows that are out today. We are living in some of the most creative entertainment times in history, embrace it! Just do it in moderation and create some of your own excitement in you life. Who knows, your life might turn out interesting enough to make a show out of…. click 😉 Namaste. Feel free to visit my Power Vinyasa Flow class at The United States of Fitness Wed 7:30p-8:30p Sunday 12p-1:30p Please check out my Facebook page! Go With The Flow Yoga Or feel free to contact me directly at Davidramoy@gmail. com