Organize your move


By: Cheryl Adelman
Don’t panic. We’ve got this!
It is absolutely true that the more efficiently you prepare, the happier and easier moving day will be, as will be the days that follow of unpacking and managing your new surroundings.
Rules that have stood the test of time include;
Purge before you pack,
Contact the utilities two weeks ahead of time,
Get the mover’s estimate in person and in writing,
know the dimensions of the doors so you are sure to get your furniture through,
Label- label- label your boxes,
Tag your pet,
Transfer your children’s school records ahead of time,
Carry cash for tipping,
Designate an area for keys, phones, phone chargers and pertinent papers.
Not everyone has to move in one day. If you are one of those lucky folks, I still encourage you to purge before you pack. The process of unpacking and getting organized will be easier, faster and more fun.
Though there are so many details, lists, errands, chores, phone calls, and organizational challenges, still, there’s one more thing I suggest. I’ve never heard it talked about nor read the idea in any articles or books about moving. Yet, it feels important to me. It is the idea to take a few moments to acknowledge those who have made your life a bit sweeter while you lived in the neighborhood you are leaving. Let them know that you appreciate them. They may be a teacher, mail person, waiter at that cafe you love, the neighbor who babysat when you needed help in a pinch, the volunteer coach, that fun Zumba instructor, even a cashier who always smiled and knew your name. Thank the people who have been kind in some way to you or someone in your family. As you do, you may see a warm smile come right back to you, because you have made a positive difference in their lives, too. That moment will feel really good and it will become an enjoyable memory for you.
Now, back to basics:
Timelines and checklists can help you prepare for the big day. They are too lengthy for me to share in this article. So, see links below to some helpful hacks. They include stories about
mistakes people made that can serve as alerts so you don’t make the same mistakes, and ideas you may chose to use, like keeping the clothes in your dresser drawers instead of packing them.
Cheryl Adelman, owner of Organize In A Day™ is experienced at both preparing for the move and assisting with the unpacking and organizing afterwards. Contact her at, and